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Scandinavian Airlines System (01:02)


After WWII, three Scandinavian countries created SAS airlines and commissioned Modern architect Arne Jacobsen to build a terminal and luxury hotel in Copenhagen.

Rectangular Towers (01:35)

Danish architect and designer, Arne Jacobsen, was no theorist. He built the only skyscraper in Copenhagen rectangular, like his predecessors.

Airport Without Airplanes (02:01)

Beside the Tivoli Gardens in the center of Copenhagen, the triangular site bordered rail lines. The hotel and terminal form an L.

Concern for Proportion (02:19)

The buildings' proportions do not overwhelm neighboring structures; load bearing columns are placed inside. The glassed in ground floor gives an illusion of lightness.

Hotel Grids (04:36)

Large concrete pillars support the hotel tower with the concrete walls carrying the weight of the floors. Glass windows alternate with colored glass for the facades' skin.

Restaurant (02:03)

The top floor restaurant provides a view of the city. Most rooms have five small windows; those on the corners have 16.

Jacobsen's Chair Design (02:41)

Room 606 is a museum room displaying Jacobsen's furniture and decoration; a rectangular wooden pattern contrasts with the soft curve of Jacobsen's chairs.

Functionality of Decoration (00:40)

Jacobsen emphasized rationality of layout with sliding lamps, ashtrays with lids, a dressing table shelf, and a curtain separating the bed.

Service Areas (01:32)

A black line of the service area ventilation grills breaks the line of the north facade. Three covered patios create light wells.

Jacobsen's Winter Garden (02:12)

The terminal closed after 20 years and housed a fitness room, workout area for guests, and large meeting room. A greenhouse, now gone, separated the hotel foyer from the terminal.

Conference Clientele (01:26)

In 1990, the hotel converted communal areas into meeting rooms and convention areas. The curving metal staircase suspended on cables remains

Total Design (01:52)

Jacobsen discusses his creative process. He designed all the details from the keyhole to the skyscraper.

Credits: Hotel Royal Sas: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:29)

Credits: Hotel Royal Sas: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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The SAS Royal Hotel tower marked Denmark's entry into post-war modernity. It is a major work that combines functionalism, simplicity and elegance, and in which everything, from the ashtrays to the building's volumes, were created and designed by Arne Jacobsen.The SAS terminal adjoined to the hotel has since been converted to other uses, and the communal areas of the hotel now attract a convention clientele, but Jacobsen's original meticulous design is preserved in the museum room 606.

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