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Bilboa, Spain (02:42)


In 1991, the Guggenheim Foundation accepted industrial Bilboa's invitation to build an extension of the Museum there to recover civic pride.

Frank Gehry (02:12)

American architect Frank Gehry, known for deconstructed buildings, designed the museum to echo surrounding shapes. A fish motif was present from the start.

Building Models (01:52)

Gehry used trial models to sculpt his ideas, then the computer to make his ideas virtual and practical. Unique metal girders formed the skeleton.

The Building's Components (03:03)

Gehry grouped a shop, cafeteria and auditorium, then 20 galleries on 3 floors, with offices apart. The entrance lies below city level with a sculptural atrium open to the public.

The Galleries (02:35)

The independent galleries circle the atrium, linked by glass walls and curved passageways reminiscent of F.L.Wright's N.Y. Guggenheim.

Sculpture Within a Sculptured Space (02:11)

The square galleries on the 3rd floor display classical works, while 2 lower floors are shaped, as a capsized ship's hold for large works on the 1st floor displaying a work by Richard Serra.

Gallery Lighting (01:38)

Roof openings afford filtered natural light to the galleries, complemented by controlled artificial light.

Exterior Monumental Shapes (03:34)

Twenty-two meters of visible space above atrium and galleries is inaccessible, part of the monumental sculptural forms that have a distinctive titanium skin of scale-like plates.

Bilboa Redefined (03:41)

The railway line was roofed over by an urban space that redefines the riverbank, including a path over the river. Gehry's building has transformed Bilboa.

Credits: The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:32)

Credits: The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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In 1997, the Guggenheim Foundation inaugurates a new museum built by Frank Gehry. Already known for creating strange and deconstructed forms, Frank Gehry designs in Bilbao a building proportional to his ambition: a chaotic and abstract monumental sculpture that redefines the city.

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