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Casa Mila Introduction (00:29)


Antonio Gaudi's final civic work was built in Barcelona between 1906 and 1912. (Credits)

"La Pedrera" (01:23)

The Mila family was angry about Gaudi's design, dubbed "the quarry" by locals. View the building exterior and interior.

Gaudi's Working Style (01:11)

The architect ignored time and budget constraints and imposed his artistic will. Barcelona's upper class admired his work, but the Mila Family disliked their commission.

Casa Mila Artistic Vision (00:57)

Gaudi's design challenged Barcelona's 1860 urban plan of wide, straight avenues. He considered his building to be a body with a skin.

Casa Mila Facade (02:29)

As a curtain wall, the stone sculptural facade was formed along undulating lines. Scrap iron balustrades foreshadow modernist art. Gaudi found inspiration in nature.

Casa Mila Architecture (02:37)

The Milas required 20 flats, parking and attic space. Gaudi's circular courtyards were innovative and featured interior facades.

Casa Mila Car Park (01:41)

Gaudi envisioned a spiral ramp from the basement to the top floor. He designed one of Europe's first underground parking structures; view engineering features.

Gaudi's Architectural Team (01:05)

Learn about designers, builders, and engineers that supported Gaudi.

Casa Mila Architectural Detail (01:29)

View the building entrance, monumental staircase, and interior decoration.

Mila Family Apartment (01:51)

View the Mila's private entrance in the oval patio and tour their apartment, now an exhibition space.

Townhouse vs. Apartment Building (02:14)

An elevator provides tenant access. Gaudi provided each residence with courtyard and street views.

Casa Mila Interior Layout (02:07)

View apartment architectural details and emergency stairwells. Without load bearing walls, Gaudi could alter partitions and move rooms.

Casa Mila Attic Terraces (01:52)

Gaudi wanted a protected roof area. He used brick arches to create insulated space and hold up the roof terraces.

Casa Mila Roof (02:03)

Gaudi wanted to combine utilitarian and aesthetic goals. He installed guard rails around courtyards in exchange for the municipality's consent to his design that features trivial and sublime elements.

Casa Mila Controversy (01:18)

The Milas opposed Gaudi's plan to put a Virgin Mary statue on the roof. Their feud was satirized in the press; Salvador Dali later changed public opinion of the building.

Casa Mila Feud (00:34)

Gaudi didn't finish the building and the Milas refused to pay his fee. He won in court and donated money to a monastery.

Credits: The Casa Mila - Antonio Gaudi: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:60)

Credits: The Casa Mila - Antonio Gaudi: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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The Casa Milà, in Barcelona, commonly known as "La Pédrera", is a block of flats built between 1906 and 1909 by Antonio Gaudi to display the greater power and glory of the Milàs. This film explores the inside and outside of one of Gaudi's most unusual works. (27 minutes)

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