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Early Work of Lucian Freud (03:00)


Hector Obalk discusses Freud's anachronistic style and meticulous realism as we see works from the 1940s.

1960s-1970s Paintings (02:13)

After studying Francis Bacon's fragmented faces, Freud abandoned his precise brushstrokes for a more natural marbled effect in his portraits and nudes.

Evolution of Freud's Portraiture (02:30)

By the 1970s, the marbling on the faces coincided with the expressions. Freud's portraits become less rigid; more sculptural and luminous.

Freud's Earlier Works (01:29)

The early works show the varied coloring Freud used to portray human skin; it was too subtle.

1980s and 1990s Paintings (00:59)

By the late 1970s, Freud produced portraits in a fragmented style, altering the contrast of colors, the roughness of drawing, and the harshness of the light.

Comparing Portraits from 1964 to 2002 (02:01)

The later portraits are more natural and alive with their pictorial expression, psychological penetration and thickness of the brushstroke.

Self-Portrait 1985 (01:22)

Compare Freud's 1985 self-portrait to his 1962 self-portrait. The architecture is more precise, made certain with a thicker brushstroke; Freud shows attention to shadows.

Silver White Paint (01:35)

From 1977, Freud mixed his colors with a dense Cremnitz white; it provided a luminous color to skin tones, and captured the models' expressions.

Freud's Models (01:40)

Rather than use professional models, Freud preferred acquaintances. He used silver white to illuminate objects and apparel.

Portrayal of Objects (01:39)

The comparison of two sinks shows Freud's mastery of pictorial effects and expression in his later works.

Deforming Model Faces (03:41)

In 1988, Freud exaggerated the thickness of his paint. He portrayed his subjects with less detail and sometimes used a gelatinous but illuminating paint.

Comparison of Portraits from 1940s to 2004 (00:52)

The precise brushstrokes that captured reflections in the eyes in early portraits evolved with less detail. See heavy brush strokes and paint modeling in his nudes.

Freud's Self-Portraits (01:40)

See a chronological review of Freud's self-portraits from age 21 to 62.

Credits: Lucian Freud (00:31)

Credits: Lucian Freud

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Born in 1922, Lucian Freud, the grandson of Sigmund Freud, is Great Britain's most well known painter. By reviewing over 70 of the artists' works, mostly portraits dating from 1944 to 2005, we appreciate the evolution of his career. We see how his brushwork evolved, getting progressively thicker and livelier. We witness the slow affirmation of the model's expression and ethics. The sets of this pilot episode were designed by Eric Rochant. (27 minutes)

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