Segments in this Video

Slum in Kenya (02:19)


Visit Kibera, a slum of 2 million in Nairobi, Kenya. People distrust the legal system and turn to mob justice. An organization provides legal help to the poor.

Unjust Imprisonment (00:60)

The accused in Kenya often cannot afford lawyers, leading to unjust imprisonment. A video smuggled from prison shows wardens beating inmates.

Representing Self (03:19)

At a prison in Kenya, a program turns convicts into legal counsel. Inmates maintain their innocence and say the inability to afford a lawyer doomed them.

Reenacting Case (02:56)

Prison inmates reenact a case based on time spent studying evidence and legal procedures. They are trained as paralegals to represent themselves and help cell mates.

Paralegals (02:06)

Kenya's court system is chaotic and corrupt; many inmates lack knowledge and legal aid. Inmates trained as paralegals have won 3,500 cases in the past decade.

Organization's Founder (03:01)

The woman who launched the program to teach legal skills to Kenya's prison inmates is guest of honor at a talent show in a women's prison.

Paralegal Prisoner (03:25)

A woman serving life in prison has become a paralegal after training in prison, and helps others in prison with appeals.

Rural Kenya (01:56)

In rural Kenya, there are few lawyers and little education. Meet a man who lost a decade in court and prison before winning by his own paralegal efforts.

Revisiting Prison (03:52)

A man shows us the prison where he was held illegally. While there, he took up paralegal efforts and won appeals for himself and 36 others.

Earning Degree from Prison (01:06)

An inmate has studied law in prison and is appealing his case; he achieved a degree and has won a scholarship to the University of London.

Motives for Helping (00:51)

A woman who trains inmates in the law talks about what motivates her.

Credits: Kenya: Inside Out (00:27)

Credits: Kenya: Inside Out

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Kenya's justice system is dysfunctional, often corrupt, and does not provide legal aid to those who cannot afford a lawyer. In this remarkable, access-all-areas journey through some of the country's toughest jails, we examine an unorthodox program that enables convicts to school themselves in criminal law and become advocates to set themselves and other inmates free. They have won 3,500 cases in the past decade.

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