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"Years of Living Dangerously" Review (00:50)


See clips from previous episodes of "Years of Living Dangerously," that project how climate change will affect the future of our planet.

Climate Change and Bangladesh (01:56)

Michael Hall will tour Bangledesh. A pilot flies him over the country; much of it is wet or under water. Migrants overcrowd the capital, Dhaka.

Obama and Climate Change (01:11)

Thomas Friedman will interview Obama on the U.S. responsibility to the world on climate change. Obama has a mixed record on climate change.

Mountain Expedition (01:51)

Scientist M. Sanjayan joins an expedition to a glacier on Tupungatito in the Andes, which holds a pristine record of earth's climate.

Series Intro & Credits: Years of Living Dangerously: Moving a Mountain (01:47)

Excerpts from the upcoming video orient the viewer to the topic of climate change and its effects.

Climate Migration (01:41)

Many in southern Bangladesh badly want to stay, but climate change brings devastating cyclones.

Climate Change and Agriculture (01:55)

Variation from weather patterns disrupts Bangladeshis' agriculture. Cyclones push salt water further north, ruining arable land.

Displaced Bangladeshis (01:09)

Climate change is forcing people out of southern Bangladesh, into overcrowded Dhaka slums.

Obama on Climate Change Record (01:23)

In a speech, Obama talks about responsibility to the future on climate change. Friedman asks Obama whether he is fulfilling this responsibility; Obama responds.

Two Degrees Celsius (02:07)

Obama says if we burn all existing fossil fuels, we will exceed the crucial temperature threshold. He addresses criticism for his celebration of the U.S. oil boom, noting political realities.

Ice Core Climate Record (02:47)

Ice core records indicate that climate can change more quickly than had been thought. Such changes may have brought down Mesopotamia, the Mayans and others.

Rugged Terrain (01:03)

Much of the glacier on Tupungatito has melted; the expedition has to climb very high to reach the remaining ice.

Floating Hospital in Bangladesh (02:12)

Hall meets a family in Bangladesh whose house washed away in the night. He visits a floating hospital; an official talks about health effects of rising sea levels.

Flood-Tolerant Rice (02:47)

America's ambassador works to help Bangladeshi farmers, grow rice that will withstand the salt water that moves further inland.

Climate Change as Security Threat (01:01)

Climate change could displace tens of millions of Bangladeshis. India is already seeking to keep them out.

Obama on Climate and Security (02:17)

Obama receives daily briefings on climate change. He discusses the national security implications of climate change.

Climate Data and Ice Cores (02:08)

The Tupungatito expedition reaches base camp. A scientist talks about tracing climate history back 110,000 years by studying glaciers.

Wind Current (01:17)

Tupungatito is on the edge of a major wind current; a shift in that current could indicate abrupt climate change beginning. Guides discuss changes in local climate.

Dangerous Border Crossing (03:21)

Some Bangladeshi climate migrants are shot by border security trying to enter India. Until recently, India had a shoot-on-sight policy.

Climate Change Policy (02:54)

Obama advocates a policy to price carbon emissions. He criticizes Republican climate change skeptics.

Final Ascent (01:25)

The expedition makes its final ascent up a narrow ridge, reaching Tupungatito glacier.

Collecting Ice Core (02:24)

Scientists drill into a glacier, removing ice core. They take precautions to avoid contaminating it.

Climate Migrant (03:28)

Hall visits a Bangladeshi climate migrant who fled cyclones and lives in Dhaka.

Public Opinion (02:25)

Friedman tells Obama he should do more to move public opinion. Obama talks about how to persuade people on climate change and argues for long-term optimism.

Analyzing Ice Cores (02:30)

A scientist analyzes ice cores gathered from Tupungatito and finds indications that it is getting drier.

Wind Patterns (02:34)

Giant wind patterns transport moisture, driving climate. Changes in temperature differences change these wind patterns.

Creating Resentment (02:11)

What Americans put into the air is causing displacement of people in Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshis make this connection.

Additional Resources & Credits: Moving a Mountain: Years of Living Dangerously (03:15)

Additional Resources & Credits: Moving a Mountain: Years of Living Dangerously

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In the final episode of the series “Years of Living Dangerously”, Michael C. Hall concludes his journey to Bangladesh, where rising seas are expected to submerge 17% of the nation. After traveling to Christmas Island in episode three, M. Sanjayan returns to further address and question some of the top climate scientists in their fields as they collect key data unlocking the past and future of our planet’s changing climate. His destination: Tupungatito, the northernmost historically active stratovolcano in the southern Andes. Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman concludes the series in the White House with an on-the-record discussion of global climate change with President Barack Obama.

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