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Vulnerable to Climate Change (02:25)


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took charge after Hurricane Sandy. He avoided talking about global warming.

Inslee Inauguration Speech (01:50)

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is the first political chief executive elected on a platform of addressing climate change.

Series Intro & Credits: True Colors: Years of Living Dangerously (01:47)

Excerpts from the upcoming video orient the viewer to the topic of climate change and its effects.

October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy (02:59)

Governer Christie made it clear that he the storm approached. Footage shows destruction caused by the storm. Union Beach was hit the hardest.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath (03:10)

A Union Beach town engineer has been working for three months helping his neighbors decide if they should rebuild.

Greenest Governor in America (02:13)

Olivia Munn arrives in Washington to meet Jay Inslee. He campaigned on boosting the economy and addressing climate change.

Washington State Climate Action Bill (03:43)

Republicans on the Climate Change Committee refused to acknowledge the science. Inslee is looking for a bipartisan solution to curbing emissions.

Sea Level Rise (03:28)

In the months after Hurricane Sandy, Governor Christie avoided talk of climate change. Scientists assert the damage was worse because of global warming.

Unsustainable Building (02:24)

Six months after Hurricane Sandy, construction is underway in Union Beach. An expert on coastal planning says Governor Christie's rules are based on past flood data.

Climate Change Bill Amendment (03:52)

Governor Inslee says ignoring climate change is a threat to the economy. Republicans bring in an expert to deny climate change science.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands (04:16)

Much of this country is below sea level. The Delta Committee brings together politicians, engineers, and business leaders to plan for floods caused by climate change.

Inslee Must Pick a Side (02:31)

The coal industry wants to export coal to Asia by train. Washington Environmentalists and organized labor are on opposite sides.

Whatcom County Coal Terminal (02:01)

A proposed coal terminal would be built here. A local county council race will determine whether or not coal export through Washington state will move forward.

Climate Change Bill Passes (03:11)

The local railroad workers' union in Whatcom County argues that employment is more important that stopping coal exports. Governor Inslee has not made a decision.

After Hurricane Katrina (04:06)

An expert says there were warnings of coastal vulnerability in New Jersey long before Hurricane Sandy. The Office of Climate Adaptation was dismantled by Governor Christie.

Governer Inslee on Export Terminals (03:02)

Governor Inslee's bipartisan work group meets and partisan problems are visible. The fight over coal in Whatcom county divides democrats.

Whatcom County Election (02:34)

Inslee has ordered an extensive environmental review that reveals his stance on coal export terminals. People on both sides debate the issue.

Governor Christie Wins Reelection (03:56)

The Jersey Shore reopens for business on Memorial Day weekend. A climate scientists addresses people in Union Beach who want answers on the devastating storm.

Pledge to Reduce Emissions (03:36)

The environmentalists win the local county council race in Whatcom county. Governor Inslee's bipartisan work group ends without an agreement.

Credits: True Colors: Years of Living Dangerously (01:05)

Credits: True Colors: Years of Living Dangerously

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In episode five of the series “Years of Living Dangerously”, Olivia Munn profiles the nation’s most climate-conscious governor—Jay Inslee of Washington State—and together they discuss the issues he has faced since being elected. Meanwhile, New York Times columnist Mark Bittman probes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s evasion of the topic of man-made climate change during the rebuilding of his state’s coastline post-Superstorm Sandy. A scientific consensus Christie used to acknowledge, but steadfastly refused to discuss during the rush to rebuild.

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