Segments in this Video

Climate Change Debate: North Carolina (02:33)


Ian Somerhalder meets an Asheville woman trying to convince her Evangelical Christian community to act as environmental stewards.

Climate Change Reality: Greenland (01:36)

Lesley Stahl travels to the Arctic to investigate the affects of global warming.

Series Intro & Credits: Years of Living Dangerously (01:48)

Excerpts from the upcoming video orient the viewer to the topic of climate change.

Evangelical Climate Change Movement (01:18)

Anna Jane Joyner believes churches have a moral responsibility to slow global warming.

Beyond Coal Initiative (01:30)

Anna Jane mobilizes the Asheville Evangelical community to shut down a coal plant. The national campaign director explains that cheaper, cleaner energy sources are available.

Challenging Climate Change Skepticism (02:06)

Beyond Coal meets resistance in the South. Anna Jane appeals to local pastors for support.

MorningStar Ministries (01:52)

Anna Jane's father Rick Joyner owns an Evangelical empire and is a right wing conservative. She hopes to convince him that climate change is a threat.

Arctic Ice Melt (04:02)

80% of Greenland is covered in ice that is melting five times faster than 20 years ago. Stahl lands on a glacier to witness ice bergs forming.

Global Warming Denial (02:06)

Anna Jane's father presides over her wedding. Studying climate change in college created tension with her Evangelical upbringing.

Family Divided (03:02)

Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis tries to convince fellow Christians of climate change. Pastor Joyner remains skeptical.

Climate Change Evidence (01:17)

Anna Jane flies with her father over the Gulf Coast to try to convince him that global warming is a real threat.

Albedo Effect (01:46)

An Arctic scientist explains to Stahl how lakes forming on glaciers increase global warming and melting rates.

Vicious Warming Cycle (03:29)

The IPCC endorses an upper limit on emissions to avoid catastrophe. Burning more than 30% of known reserves creates an unacceptable risk, but new deposits are becoming accessible as Arctic ice melts.

Apalachicola Bay Economic Disaster (06:17)

Florida's oyster revenues are down. A Christian climate scientist explains to Pastor Joyner how drought and rising sea levels are killing marine life and threatening coastal livelihoods.

Arctic Oil Rush (02:33)

As glaciers melt, drilling increases. Alaska Governor Sean Parnell argues that energy independence and economic growth outweigh environmental concerns.

Boosting the Arctic Economy (02:24)

Greenland citizens view melting ice as an opportunity for self determination. Oil companies have spent more than the national GDP on offshore exploration licenses.

Scientific Uncertainty (02:22)

Anna Jane tries to convince Pastor Joyner to take a precautionary approach to climate change.

Protesting Arctic Drilling (02:09)

Greenpeace campaigns to make the Arctic a no-drilling zone. John Kerry appeals to the Arctic Council to address climate change issues.

Arctic Drilling Politics (02:44)

Rather than halt oil company permits, John Kerry urges Americans to organize at a grassroots level to demand a clean energy policy from Congress.

Scientific Truth (05:45)

Pastor Joyner finds compelling arguments against climate change. Former skeptic Dr. Richard Muller responds to his doubts.

Arctic Drilling Update (01:23)

Since Stahl's visit, Greenland continues issuing oil licenses and Russia has started drilling. A scientist discusses glacial retreat.

Healing the Land (02:05)

Despite his doubts, Pastor Joyner lets Anna Jane speak to his congregation about climate change and environmental stewardship.

Credits: Ice and Brimstone: Years of Living Dangerously (01:05)

Credits: Ice and Brimstone: Years of Living Dangerously

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In episode four of the series “Years of Living Dangerously”, 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl travels to Greenland to investigate the effects of global warming in the Arctic; Down south, Ian Somerhalder travels to North Carolina to listen in on both sides of the evangelical community’s debate over climate change. Somerhalder finds himself entrenched in the middle of not only a religious debate, but a familial one. The father: a megachurch preacher who doesn’t believe in climate change. The daughter: an activist trying to shut down the local coal-fired power plant.

Length: 58 minutes

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