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Storm & Political Opinion (02:44)


Chris Hayes knows politics shapes climate change beliefs. Will Superstorm Sandy persuade conservative Staten Island's climate skeptic Congressman, and others? Hayes will investigate.

Climate Change & El Nino (02:01)

Biologist M. Sanjayan will visit a climate scientist studying on Christmas Island, which experiences extreme weather during El Nino. Is climate change making El Ninos more severe?

Series Intro & Credits: The Surge: Years of Living Dangerously (01:46)

Excerpts from the upcoming video orient the viewer to the topic of climate change and its effects.

Survivor's Account of Hurricane (04:39)

A mother describes flooding from Hurricane Sandy chasing the family to their second floor and carrying them off, killing the rest of her family.

Views on Climate Change (01:56)

Congressman Grimm talks about accounts of Hurricane Sandy, which hit his district. He thinks it is uncertain whether climate change is caused by humans.

El Nino (02:15)

On Christmas Island, Dr. Kim Cobb studies how climate change effects El Nino. She explains how El Nino works.

Coral Temperature Record (01:22)

Dr. Kim studies coral reefs off Christmas Island to measure the temperature effects of past El Ninos, allowing her to identify the effects of climate change on El Nino.

Constituent Service (01:43)

A month after superstorm Sandy, Staten Island's Congressman, Michael Grimm, works to help victims.

Life After Storm (01:04)

A woman who lost her home and family in superstorm Sandy lives in church-provided temporary housing.

Presentation at High School (03:16)

Climate scientists ask high school students about experiences of superstorm Sandy and deliver a presentation on climate change and storms, trying to persuade skeptics.

Sea Level (00:49)

A Climate Central analysis shows that the one-foot sea level change put 75,000 people's homes in the path of Sandy.

Gathering Coral (01:53)

Dr. Kim drills into coral to collect samples, which she will use to measure severity of past El Ninos.

Coral Temperature Records (03:00)

Coral samples reveal past ocean temperatures; see coral records of the effects of the 1998 El Nino, the worst ever recorded. See a montage of footage on that El Nino.

Republicans and Global Warming (02:10)

Republicans once had an environmentalist tradition. Even recently, McCain backed a carbon tax. However, Republicans now embrace climate skepticism.

Bob Inglis (01:19)

South Carolina Republican Congressman Bob Inglis lost to a Tea Party challenger for backing action on climate change. He now delivers speeches backing the policy.

Current and Former Congressman Converse (03:33)

Inglis touts his conservative credentials and tries to persuade Grimm on global warming. Grimm is reluctant because solutions involve heavy-handed regulation.

Ancient Corals (03:14)

Dr. Kim could not find corals older than 60 years off Christmas Island, but realized that millennia-old coral were washed up on the beach.

Denied a Meeting (02:12)

Sen. Rubio has reversed his position on climate change. Bob Inglis hopes to persuade him to again believe in global warming, but cannot get a meeting.

Helping Constituent (01:39)

A Sandy survivor lost her home, and along with it a flag honoring her father's WWII service. Her Congressman replaces the flag.

Fighting for Hurricane Relief (01:45)

Boehner delays a vote on Sandy relief due to Tea Party pressure, angering Grimm and other New York and New Jersey Republicans.

More Severe El Ninos (01:59)

Dr. Kim's coral research shows that twentieth century El Ninos are 20% more severe than over the past 7000 years. Climate change threatens Christmas Island's existence.

Meeting Constituents (00:47)

Congressman Grimm meets constituents hurt by Hurricane Sandy and works to help them.

Urgency of Climate Action (03:21)

Congressman Grimm comes around on climate change, but says getting action is politically impossible. Hayes argues that, with his constituents vulnerable to storm, Grimm must force action.

Hope for Climate Legislation (01:08)

A former Congressman talks about the prospects for eventual action on climate change.

Additional Resources & Credits: The Surge: Years of Living Dangerously (01:07)

Additional Resources & Credits: The Surge: Years of Living Dangerously

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In episode three of the series "Years of Living Dangerously", MSNBC’s Chris Hayes shadows a climate change skeptic, Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, for a year in Staten Island in the wake of Superstorm Sandy and questions what he might have learned about climate change in the process. In addition, conservationist M. Sanjayan travels to Christmas Island with a climate scientist who gathers thousands of years of temperature data from coral to determine whether El Nino has taken on unprecedented severity.

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