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Forest Fires (01:38)


Arnold Schwarzenegger talks to firefighters battling a Montana forest fire about increases in size of forest fires, attributing this to global warming.

Deforestation (01:19)

Harrison Ford visits Borneo, Indonesia, to learn about deforestation, which emits as much greenhouse gas as the world's transportation sector--and threatens primates.

Series Intro & Credits: End of the Woods: Years of Living Dangerously (01:47)

Excerpts from the upcoming video orient the viewer to the topic of climate change and its effects.

Schwarzenegger and Global Warming (01:15)

Arnold Schwarzenegger says dealing with forest fires as California governor led to his focus on global warming.

Increasing Wildfires (02:06)

Schwarzenegger will join a hotshot crew, a team of elite firefighters specializing in rough terrain.

Preparing to Fight Fire (02:13)

Many die fighting fires. Schwarzenegger joins the Snake River Hotshots to fight a fire in Superior, Montana.

Life of Elite Firefighter (01:38)

Men who fight wildfires for a living talk about lives of routinely spending weeks away from home.

Orangutan Refuge (02:27)

The palm oil industry has burned down orangutans' forests in Indonesia and put bounties on orangutans. A refuge houses orphans.

Palm Oil Industry (01:30)

The palm oil industry burns down protected lands in Indonesia; government is complicit.

Law Not Enforced (02:27)

Deforestation releases the carbon dioxide stored in trees to the atmosphere. A moratorium on deforestation in Indonesia goes unenforced.

Planning (02:27)

Firefighters observe the forest fire and make plans. They dig outside the fire to prevent the fire's spread. A heatwave causes the fire to spread.

Palm Oil Plantations (01:39)

Indonesia's government encouraged deforestation to make room for huge palm oil plantations. A plantation owner has agreed to stop deforestation.

Confrontation with Industry Leader (02:41)

Harrison Ford tells a palm oil plantation owner that the industry is environmentally destructive; the plantation owner says the industry has an interest in sustainability.

Greenpeace (02:27)

A Greenpeace representative discusses pressure they brought against Sinarmas, forcing it to change its policy. However, Indonesia's government does little.

Backfire (01:09)

Firefighters use a backfire, burning fuel in advance of the fire to deny the big fire fuel.

Studying Forests (03:27)

Tree rings capture a record of forest fires, helping us see the effects of climate change. Today's bigger, hotter fires burn through soil, causing erosion.

Indonesian Forestry Minister (03:47)

Harrison Ford confronts Indonesia's forestry minister about government's failure to save forests.

Yarnell Hill (02:21)

Nineteen firefighters died at Yarnell Hill, Arizona. People have built towns closer to woods than before, and fires are on the increase.

Firefighters' Outlook (03:00)

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks with firefighters about whether they and their families fear for their lives

Forests in Danger (01:07)

Arnold Schwarzenegger previews later segments on a major threat to forests.

Media Attention (00:39)

Indonesia's forestry minister accuses Harrison Ford of disrespect in his interview, and is threatening to deport him. This brings heavy attention to his interview with Indonesia's President.

Interview with President of Indonesia (01:43)

Harrison Ford asks Indonesia's President whether his moratorium on deforestation is being respected. The President says he cannot control everything.

Bark Beetles (02:56)

Hordes of bark beetles are killing trees, laying waste to forests. Winter temperatures used to kill the beetles; with global warming, they live longer, spread and multiply.

Vicious Cycle (01:37)

Beetles and fires kill trees, releasing carbon, accelerating warming that in turn leads to more beetles and fires. We could lose half our trees in coming decades.

Unilever Sustainability Policy (02:18)

Unilever uses vast amounts of palm oil from Indonesia. It pledged to stop buying from companies that were destroying forests in response to Greenpeace protests.

Enforcing Commitment to Sustainability (02:00)

How can Unilever know it is buying sustainable palm oil? Major Indonesian palm oil suppliers such as Wilmar buy from illegal plantations.

Call to Action (01:08)

Harrison Ford notes indicators of progress on Indonesian deforestation and issues a call to action on global environmental issues.

Additional Resources & Credits: End of the Woods: Years of Living Dangerously (01:04)

Additional Resources & Credits: End of the Woods: Years of Living Dangerously

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End of the Woods: Years of Living Dangerously

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In episode two of the series "Years of Living Dangerously", Harrison Ford continues his investigation into the global effects of the palm oil industry and further explores the corruption that has ravaged the Indonesian landscape resulting in the country being one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases through deforestation. Meanwhile, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joins an elite team of wild-land firefighters—known as the “Hot Shots”—as they battle a new breed of forest fires, one made more deadly by climate change. He also discovers another killer wiping out trees at an even faster rate than forest fires.

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