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Recollections of Aunt Jane (02:43)


Chung's nephews used to brag about their aunt the "movie star."

Early Acting Career (03:08)

There are not many Asian Americans in Hollywood. Chung spent her early childhood spent in a town built by Chinese immigrants.

Asian American Roles (03:23)

Chung is rumored to have appeared on " I Love Lucy." Most of her early work was in Asian themed movies.

Asian American Movement (02:46)

The movement helped raise awareness of racist images in Hollywood. Chung got a part in the musical "Hello Dolly." She was never credited for her part on "MASH."

Fascination with China Town (02:50)

Chung had steady work from the 1960s onward thanks to shows and movies set during the Vietnam and Korean Wars. She was often cast as a Chinese grandmother.

Typical 1960s Woman (02:37)

Chung raised children and helped her husband start a business. She also enjoyed her acting career.

Later Work (04:01)

Chung had a talent for being in front of the camera. She preferred to do commercials when she was older. She continued working into her 90s.

Credits: More Than a Face in the Crowd: The 50 year Career of Asian-American Actress Jane Chung (01:14)

Credits: More Than a Face in the Crowd: The 50 year Career of Asian-American Actress Jane Chung

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More Than a Face in the Crowd: The Fifty-Year Career of Asian-American Actress Jane Chung

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A filmmaker explores the life of her great-aunt, Jane Chung, an actress who made a career for herself at a time when Asian-Americans faced widespread racism in Hollywood. Working mostly in small parts and as an extra, Jane’s fifty-year career reflects many of the struggles and triumphs of the Asian-Americans working in the entertainment industry. Jane had parts in over fifty films and TV shows including Chinatown, When Harry Met Sally, M*A*S*H and I Love Lucy, but much of her work is uncredited. The filmmaker's journey to uncover Jane’s many film and TV roles brings together voices from multiple generations of her family, as she seeks out those who remember Jane best. Through the story of Jane Chung’s life and career, More Than a Face in the Crowd reveals a larger untold story of Asian-American actors and extras in Hollywood.

Length: 23 minutes

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