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Rush of Modern Life (02:01)


Sir Terry Wogan has found himself ruled by time. This is true for most people. The human body clock is often ignored. Viewers are oriented to the upcoming program.

Scientific Body Clock Test (03:49)

Wogan's saliva is tested to determine when he releases melatonin. He learns that he is a moderate morning person because of his biology.

What is a Body Clock? (02:10)

Two small nuclei parse out a regular rhythm in the human body. Hormones effect body functions at different times of the day. Melatonin causes sleepiness.

Aging Body Clock (03:01)

Less melatonin can mean a body clock that does not keep time as well as it could. As people age, lenses in the eyes turn yellow, which impacts the production of sleep hormones.

Light Levels (01:35)

An elderly care home is designed to let in as much light as possible. Wogan inspects his own home to find out how much light comes in.

Anophthalmia (02:15)

Most people get less than one hour of daylight per day. Justin McCloud has never been able to see light, which has a serious impact on his sleep patterns.

Solving Sleep Issues Associated with Anophthalmia (01:59)

The body clock is longer than 24 hours. Researchers in Oxford are trying to regulate McCloud's internal clock.

Brain Scan Results (02:40)

Wogan is able to see his own body clock react to light. The eye gives an overall impression of light to the brain. Many blind people have a normal sense of time.

Body Clock Functions (01:40)

The best time for men to have sex is right after waking up in the morning when testosterone levels are highest. Most babies are born early in the day.

Why Morning is Dangerous (03:07)

The body is more prone to forming blood clots in the morning. This increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Optimal Energy (03:29)

Many people exercise in the morning. It feels easier in the late afternoon and early evening. The body clock changes body temperature throughout the day.

Body Clock Override (02:44)

Hormones promoting alertness are at their highest levels in mid morning. A doctor who works the night shift describes how she functions.

Health Risks of Night Shift (02:47)

A body clock expert has studied the effect of shift work on the human body. Research shows an increase in cancer and other health problems

Body Clock at Noon (03:35)

People feel most positive in the day. Alcohol affects people more during the day than at night. People struggle to complete a task accurately after drinking wine.

Best Times to Eat (02:33)

A chef talks about breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Afternoon Brain Function Dip (02:19)

People are able to complete a task more accurately after drinking alcohol in the evening.

Night (02:27)

Wogan attends a late night fundraising event.

Biological Change (04:33)

Teenagers have a reputation for being lazy. They need nine hours of sleep per night. Later school start times produce better exam results.

Credits: Time of Your Life: What Makes Us Tick? (00:43)

Credits: Time of Your Life: What Makes Us Tick?

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The body clock: a ticking time-piece that lives in our brain and controls the daily rhythms of our body in time with the outside world. On this enlightening and entertaining journey Sir Terry Wogan reveals why timing is everything, and why it’s crucial to understand our body clock. Terry discovers there is a right time to eat, sleep, and exercise. There’s a wrong time to learn, have sex, and go to the dentist. He discovers how our clocks dictate when we drive safely, work best, give birth, and die. And he finds out why some of us are early birds while others are night owls, and why throughout our lives our body clocks constantly readjust. Terry reveals tips and tricks that will help us all master our clocks enabling us to get the most out of our lives. A BBC Production.

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