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St Mary's SARC (02:35)


Located in Manchester, the facility is the first of the UK's forty-six Sexual Assault Referral Centers. Meet Juliet and Kellie whose stories we will follow.

Daily Team Meeting (02:24)

The St Mary's team reviews rape cases that have come in to the referral center. The purpose of the SARC is to provide support to victims through a police investigation and beyond.

Juliet (01:19)

Rape victim Juliet discusses her forensic medical exam.

Initial Account (07:31)

Six months after the exam, Juliet reviews the police recording of her recollection of the rape. Her doctor reviews the forensic evidence collected from Juliet.

Demographics of Rape (02:12)

An estimated 90% of rape victims know their assailants. Hear alarming statistics on the ages and gender of rape victims.

Supporting Child Victims (01:15)

Crisis workers describe how they work with children.

Serious Sexual Offences [sic] Unit (01:17)

The Manchester Police have dedicated officers to the complex area of investigating rape within a domestic setting.

Prosecuting a Rape Case (01:26)

The Crown Prosecution Service determines whether a case will make it to court. Of Northern Greater Manchester's approximately 7,000 rape cases last year, less than half went to trial.

CCTV Account of Juliet's New Year's Eve (04:56)

Investigators review closed circuit television footage of Juliet on the night of the rape. Experts discuss the tendency to blame the victim when alcohol plays a role in her condition.

Forensic Evidence (01:21)

Though she has no recollection of the events, forensic evidence proves that Juliet was raped.

Kellie (06:36)

Eight months after being raped, Kellie begins counseling at SARC. View the police recording of Kellie's recollection of the rape.

Familiar Assailant (02:53)

Kellie had known her assailant for over ten years. A partner or ex-partner perpetrates more than half of all rapes.

Breakthrough (04:31)

A 20-year-old male's DNA matches the evidence collected from Juliet. Listen to the police interview and view CCTV footage of the suspect.

False Reports (01:15)

Three percent of rape reports are later classified as malicious false allegations.

Self-Referral (02:50)

About one in six clients at St. Mary's do not wish to involve the police. Evidence is stored in freezers in case victims wish to involve the police at a later date.

Court (04:28)

Rape victim Juliet prepares to take her case to trial.

Difficult Cases (03:13)

13% of recorded rape victims are male. The SARC staff discusses the emotional toll that their job takes.

Verdict (03:13)

A little more than one-third of rape trials end with a not guilty verdict. Juliet waits for a verdict and is relieved to learn that her assailant is found guilty.

Moving Forward (03:18)

SARC employees discuss how their work affects their personal life. Juliet shares how she manages to cope. Juliet retrieves the shoes that she wore on the night of the rape.

Credits: Raped: the Aftermath (00:37)

Credits: Raped: the Aftermath

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Rape is unlike any other crime. Often there are only two people present and if one person says it was rape and the other says it was consensual, it’s one person’s word against another. The police need to investigate the truth of the victim’s account and sometimes they decide an allegation is false. But even if the police believe there has been a crime, there needs to be sufficient evidence to present the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration. Intimate in style, this observational documentary follows several women as they deal with the aftermath of an alleged rape. Compelling testimony from victims, medical staff, the Police and members of the legal profession support the actuality of victims’ journeys as they seek justice or attempt to move forward with their lives. Viewer discretion is advised. A BBC Production.

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