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Intro: Prostitution: What's the Harm? (01:51)


Using excerpts from the upcoming program, Billie Porter orients viewers to prostitution--a "service industry" that is booming in the UK.

One Man's View (02:39)

Meet Chris Dangerfield, a comedian who built his routine around paying for sex. Hear why he thinks it is a reasonable choice.

Why Pay for Sex? (00:52)

Chris Dangerfield describes why he thinks paying for sex is better than going out to the clubs. Hear his opinion about the prostitution business.

Brothels (01:14)

Chris Dangerfield points out local brothels, also known as "walk-ups." He claims the sex-work trade is booming while other businesses fail.

Who is Paying Sex? (02:32)

Billie Porter travels to Prague; she asks young British tourists for their opinions about strip clubs and prostitution. (Explicit images)

Prague's Sex Industry (04:43)

Visit K5, a "gentleman's club." The owner provides a tour of the club and describes the services provided, including a digital menu of available girls. (Explicit images)

Prostitute's Perspective (02:17)

A prostitute at K5 describes what it takes to do her job. Her son does not know what she does for money.

Sex is Everywhere (03:00)

A group of friends discuss prostitution. They agree sex is important but the woman friend does not get why the males would pay for sex.

Finding Sex Workers Online (04:46)

Deccan and Adam explain why and how they access prostitutes. They use the internet to browse prostitutes.

Sex in the Open (01:24)

Deccan and Adam explain how prostitution affects their relationships with other girls. They explain how the girlfriend experience is different.

Charlotte: Working From Home (04:35)

Sex-worker Charlotte works from home via Internet webcam. Sex worker Charlotte has expanded her services to "escorting." She limits her bookings to protect her own health.

Prostitution is Lucrative (03:54)

Sex-worker Charlotte markets herself online. She uses a social networking site for sex workers. She is planning a work "tour," for which customers have pre-booked.

Why They Prostitute (00:21)

Billie Porter reviews her visit with Charlotte. We learn the financial gain the prostitution "industry" makes and why these girls choose this career path.

Britain's Laws for Selling Sex (05:38)

Billie Porter reviews the complex laws on prostitution in Britain. A "pub quiz" reveals how little people know about prostitution laws.

Brothel as a Business (06:04)

Becky Adams owns several brothels. Becky shows Billie the ways of the trade by helping her set up her own brothel. She believes prostitution should be decriminalized.

Street Prostitution (02:37)

Meet Shelley Stoops who regularly visits street prostitutes. She provides them with condoms and clean needles.

Support For Street Prostitutes (03:28)

Meet former prostitute Liz and hear her story of addiction--and being attacked.

Police Protection (01:33)

Billie asks police officer Chris Armitt what are police doing to protect prostitutes?

Risks of "Touring" (02:09)

Charlotte describes her first "tour." Legal risk increases when she travels . She prioritizes money over a personal relationship with a man.

Conclusion (00:38)

Billie Porter says she has that prostitution is "ordinary" for young people; that a lot of money is made; and that it "can be a positive choice" for some women. She notes the risks as well.

Credits: Prostitution: What's the Harm? (00:45)

Credits: Prostitution: What's the Harm?

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A lively and thought-provoking documentary investigating the current state of prostitution in the U.K. and looking at young people’s attitudes to the world’s oldest profession. It is legal to buy sex in the U.K., but there is a growing political movement to change that law. Reporter Billie JD Porter asks what the impact would be on those involved—the men who pay for sex, the women who sell it, and the traffickers, brothel owners, and pimps—and she travels to other European countries to see how they deal with it. She asks: What do young people really think about paying for sex? Do men and women feel differently about the issue—and could the most harmful aspects of prostitution be dealt with through better enforcement of existing laws? Contains explicit language and imagery. A BBC Production.

Length: 58 minutes

Item#: BVL60496

ISBN: 978-1-60057-540-2

Copyright date: ©2014

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