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Crisis Stage: Life and Death Row Intro (01:12)


Every year, approximately 100 killers are sentenced to death in America. This segment orients viewers to the topic of execution appeals with excerpts from the film.

University of Houston, Texas (02:22)

Students enrolled in the Death Penalty Clinic at the university law center work on crisis appeals for Robert Garza and Robert Pruett. Death penalty attorney David Dow discusses intern contributions.

Robert Lynn Pruett (02:23)

Legal student Kelly Hickman has volunteered at the Death Penalty Clinic for two years. She recalls several crisis cases. Pruett discusses his conviction and impending execution.

Case # 999411 (03:27)

Hickman reviews Pruett's case files. Hear news reports about Officer Daniel Nagle's murder and Pruett's interview tape. Investigators recall interviewing Pruett and the crime scene evidence.

4 Weeks to Execution (03:53)

Students begin work on a mitigation claim. Hickman visits Pruett's mother, Marcia. She learns about his family lifestyle.

Pruett's Childhood (04:22)

Hickman learns more about the family history including drug use, physical abuse, and sexual abuse from Pruett's relatives.

Yarbrough Killed (03:21)

Pruett was convicted under the law of parties for the murder of Ray Yarbrough. Steven and Sam Pruett recall the night of the murder; Sam stabbed Yarbrough.

3 Weeks to Execution (01:33)

Dow reviews Hickman's mitigation evidence; he decides to file a legal claim.

Remembering Daniel Nagle (01:31)

See portions of the Texas Prison Guards Memorial. Nagle's sister and his widow Crystal remember him.

Holding Pruett Responsible (01:54)

Rebecca and Michael Nagle discuss their father and Pruett. Their grandmother, Ruth Snoody discusses Nagle's death and Crystal's incarceration.

2 Weeks to Execution (01:51)

Pruett does not believe he deserves to die; he discusses inmate testimony and lack of evidence. Dow discusses evidence against Pruett.

Appeal for Pruett (02:05)

Three to five percent of people in prison did not commit the crime for which they were convicted. The team works on obtaining DNA evidence from a disciplinary report.

1 Week to Execution (02:30)

Robert Pruett's crisis appeals are complete. Della and Juliana Nagle support clemency.

Traveling to the Polunsky Unit (03:04)

Crystal, Rebecca, and Michael support Pruett's execution. Pruett, Hickman, and Dow reflect on Pruett's possible execution.

Stay of Execution (03:41)

Hickman informs Pruett's mother that they received a 60 day reprieve; Pruett is excited about the stay. The Nagle family shares their feelings.

Robert Gene Garza: 1 Week to Execution (03:12)

Dow reflects on the resilience death penalty lawyers need. Hear news reports about the Tri-City Bombers. Hickman and her team are denied a mitigation appeal.

1 Day to Execution (01:17)

Garza's family travels to Huntsville for possibly their last visit with him.

Execution Day (03:05)

Hickman discusses the atmosphere in the Death Penalty Clinic. See a news report on Garza's execution. Garza's wife calls Hickman an hour before the execution. The Supreme Court has not made a ruling.

Robert Garza Executed (02:57)

Hickman learns that Garza's execution is going to happen. Garza was pronounced dead at 8:41 p.m.

Graduation Day (01:42)

Hickman graduates from law school. She rejoins the Death Penalty Clinic as a full time attorney and continues to work on Pruett's case.

Credits: Crisis Stage: Life and Death Row (00:45)

Credits: Crisis Stage: Life and Death Row

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Crisis Stage: Life and Death Row

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The final film of the series follows 25-year-old legal student Kelly Hickman as she attempts to save two young killers facing execution. Robert Pruett was sentenced to death for murdering a prison guard at the age of 20. Robert Garza was a member of the notorious Tri-City Bombers street gang and sentenced to death at the age of 20 for his part in the drive-by killing of four young women. Hickman's team works on the two cases where all of the offenders' normal legal appeals have failed and they are now just weeks away from execution. (53 minutes)

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