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Judgement: Life and Death Row: Intro (01:07)


In 2009, Guy Heinze was charged with eight counts of murder. This segment orients viewers to the topic of his trial with excerpts from the film.

Murder in Brunswick, Georgia (02:12)

Meet jurors #3, #32, #4, and #11. See news reports about seven murders and Guy Heinze Jr.'s arrest. Police Chief Matthew Doering shares his first impression.

Trial Starts in One Week (02:55)

Heinze's grandmother, Jean Usher, reflects on the upcoming trial and the police's focus on Heinze. Heinze's brother Tyler Heinze and Usher prepare to leave for Georgia.

Mass Murder (02:32)

See portions of Heinze's police interview and crime scene footage. Doering recalls the night of the murders and the biggest challenge to the case.

Day Before Trial (01:37)

Usher and Tyler travel to Georgia for Heinze's trial. The defense team gathers all of their case files.

Trial: Day One (03:23)

Prosecutor John Johnson recalls his first death penalty murder case. Usher recalls buying Heinze suits for the trial. Jurors reflect on the start of the trial and their first impressions of Heinze.

Murder Trial Underway (03:41)

Johnson makes his opening statement; he explains circumstantial evidence. Margaret Orlinski gives her testimony; hear the 911 call. Jurors reflect on listening to the call.

Cause of Death? (02:29)

See a portion of Heinze's police interview and crime scene footage. The first responding officer gives testimony at the trial.

Trial: Day Two (04:49)

State Pathologist Dr. Donahue gives autopsy testimony at the Guy Heinze Jr. trial; jurors reflect on the testimony. See a portion of Heinze's police interview and autopsy photos.

Consistent Findings (01:47)

State Pathologist Dr. Donahue gives autopsy testimony at the Guy Heinze Jr. trial. Tyler reflects on the autopsy photos and his family's legacy.

Evidence Against Heinze? (02:51)

Lead Defense Attorney Newell Hamilton discusses arguing Heinze's case. Forensic consultants discuss prosecuting evidence; see crime scene footage.

Forensic Evidence (03:12)

Forensic consultant Michael Knox gives testimony at the Guy Heinze Jr. trial; see crime scene footage. Jurors reflect on the testimony. The defense team reflects on the trial thus far. (Graphic language)

Trial: Day Six (03:18)

News shows discuss Heinze's possible motive for murder. See a portion of Heinze's police interview. A witness gives testimony about Barrington Park on the night of the murders.

Trial: Day Eight (02:21)

Experts discuss the testimony about Heinze's clothing and the blood found on his under shorts. See a portion of Heinze's police interview.

Closing Arguments (04:54)

Jurors reflect on their Guy Heinze Jr. trial experience. Hear closing statements from the prosecution and the defense. Attorneys reflect on their jobs.

Deliberations (02:27)

Jury members reflect on their deliberation. Attorneys elect to remove juror #152 to avoid a hung jury. Tyler reflects on the possible verdict

Unanimous Verdict (02:51)

The jury finds Guy Heinze Jr. guilty on eight counts of malice murder. Tyler leaves the courtroom very upset.

Sentencing (02:39)

Jurors reflect on the evidence and testimony at the Guy Heinze Jr. trial and the sentencing. Heinze is sentenced to life imprisonment. Tyler shares his thoughts on the verdict.

Credits: Judgement: Life and Death Row (00:41)

Credits: Judgement: Life and Death Row

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This film follows the trial of 26-year-old Guy Heinze Jr, with remarkable access to the jury members charged with reaching a verdict on allegations that Heinze beat his father and seven members of his family to death. As the trial progresses, there is legal maneuvering while evidence about the brutal killings unfolds. Film contains content that may not be suitable for all audiences. (53 minutes)

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