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Execution: Life and Death Row: Intro (01:14)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of two death row inmates in Texas who are facing execution.

Rusk, Texas (02:19)

Nikki Daniels talks to her daughter about Richard Cobb's execution.

Richard Cobb (03:28)

Cobb regrets that the robbery resulted murder and attempted murder. Daniels describes the robbery; hear portions of Cobb's police interview tape. Kenneth Vandever's father discusses his murder.

Three Victims (04:06)

Daniels recalls being raped and shot. Cobb shot Vendever and Beunka Adams shot Daniels and Candace Driver; hear portions of Cobb's police interview tape. Cobb reflects on the crime and his upcoming execution.

Unwilling to Forgive (02:12)

Melinda and David Ansley express their feelings about Daniels' attack and Cobb's execution.

Execution Day (03:13)

Jason Clark explains the day's sequence of events. Protestors picket outside the prison. Vandever's father discusses the death penalty controversy. Daniels plans to forgive Cobb if he asks.

Final Events (01:53)

Experts and witnesses prepare for the execution. Clark explains the final sequence of events.

Cobb's Victims (02:06)

Daniels recalls Cobb and Adams' kicking her and deciding she was dead. See crime scene photos. (Graphic images)

Cobb's Execution (03:04)

Cobb was pronounced dead at 6:27 pm. Daniels struggles with his lack of remorse; she feels he died too easily. Hear Cobb's last statement. Melinda Ansley discusses public executions.

Parental Perspectives (01:46)

Vandever's parents reflect on Cobb's family. Cobb's mother, Elaine Bell, discusses her last conversation with her son.

Houston, Texas (02:38)

The state of Texas has executed 234 death row inmates. Anthony Haynes takes responsibility for his actions. His mother, Patrica Davis talks with Haynes' lawyer about a stay of execution.

Jailed for Murder (01:24)

Haynes murdered Officer Kent Kincaid in1998. Haynes lives in the Polunsky Unit on death row; he dreams about his past. Haynes' father reflects on his son's path.

Growing Up Without a Dad (01:20)

See footage from Officer Kincaid's funeral. His daughter, Jenna, shares her feelings about her father's absence.

Officer Murdered (05:27)

Nancy Kincaid recalls the night of her husband's murder. Haynes describes the evening's events. An officer recalls responding to the scene.

2 Days to Execution (02:17)

Davis recalls visiting her son in prison and his positive outlook. Haynes believes god will spare him from his scheduled execution.

Denied Clemency (01:28)

While at a salon, Davis talks with Haynes' lawyer about the clemency hearing and a possible stay of execution. Haynes reflects on his mother's faith.

Thoughts on the Death Penalty (02:15)

Haynes' father recalls the judge's actions during jury selection. Nancy Kincaid reflects on Haynes' youth. Her daughters have mixed feelings about Haynes' upcoming execution.

24 Hours to Execution (03:32)

Haynes is convinced he will not be executed. Haynes' father reflects on being a witness to the execution. A church congregation prays for Davis.

Haynes' Execution Day (02:46)

Clark addresses the media about Haynes' stay of execution and reads Haynes' statement. An officer expresses the Kincaid family's feelings.

Stay of Execution (02:57)

Haynes reflects on the treatment he received on the day of his scheduled execution and his impact on the Kincaid family. Kincaid's daughters share their feelings about the stay.

Credits: Execution: Life and Death Row (00:42)

Credits: Execution: Life and Death Row

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Execution: Life and Death Row

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Two of the youngest men on death row in Texas face execution day. Victim Nikki Daniels reflects on her kidnapping ordeal by murderer Richard Cobb. The mother of death row inmate Anthony Haynes fights to use the final 72 hours to halt her son's execution for the murder of an off-duty police officer. This three part series tells the story of capital punishment through the eyes of the young people whose lives were shaped by violent experiences. Episode One. (53 minutes)

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