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Hands & Feet

The Series Includes : The Incredible Human Hand: Hands & Feet | The Incredible Human Foot: Hands & Feet
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $600.00
DVD + 3-Year Streaming Price: $900.00
3-Year Streaming Price: $600.00



Hands and feet have allowed us to manipulate and master the natural world. In this two-part series, biologist George McGavin joins a team of specialist anatomists in the dissection room to unpick the secrets of human hands and feet. From the evolutionary importance of thumbs to the 52 bones in our feet, our hands and feet hold many secrets that set us apart from every other creature on the planet. Starting with the skin, the series moves down through each component layer—muscles, veins, tendons, and bones—and explores their story in more detail, revealing the importance of two of the most complex and beautiful engineered pieces of anatomy in the human body. Contains surgical scenes of a graphic nature. A BBC Production.

Length: 100 minutes

Item#: BVL60461

ISBN: 978-1-60057-505-1

Copyright date: ©2014

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