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One of the World's Largest Coffee Producers (01:16)


Simon Reeve rides a scooter through Hanoi streets; more than 90 million people live in Vietnam.

Coffee History (02:38)

Reeve travels south of Hanoi by train. The French introduced coffee in the 19th century. Learn about Colonial rule in Vietnam and the country's 1954 partition.

Most Tropical Commodity Traded Worldwide (04:12)

The coffee industry provides livelihood for millions and is a key export. Reeve arrives in a village and helps pick coffee beans on a small farm.

Khe Sanh (03:24)

See archival footage from the Vietnam War. Reeve tours the battlefield and learns facts about the battle. Coffee farmers have trouble with unexploded ordinance.

Vietnam Farming Dangers (02:53)

Farmers risk exposure to unexploded ordinance. A villager discusses being injured by an explosive; more than 100,000 have been killed or injured since the end of the war.

Cyclone Nargis (01:49)

Coffee played a central role in Vietnam's economic recovery after the war. Reeve encounters a tropical cyclone; learn storm damage details.

Central Highlands (03:52)

Vietnam is an authoritarian, one party, communist state; Reeve reflects on filming restrictions. Reeve tours a three hectare coffee farm and learns about its inception.

Collective Farms in Vietnam (02:05)

In 1986, the government decided to export coffee on a massive scale. Independent farms replaced collective farms and the economy flourished. Farmers pick and process coffee beans.

Harvest Payment (03:09)

Reeve reflects on the changing economy. The farmer sells nine coffee bags to a wholesaler for 34,000 Vietnamese Dong. Most farmers grow one type of bean, Robusta.

Sustainable Industry? (03:10)

The coffee industry employs 2.5 million people in Vietnam. A soil and water conservation scientist discusses fertilizer and water overuse, and the impact of climate change.

Cuc Phuong National Park (02:48)

Producing vast quantities of low quality coffee beans contributes to Vietnam's wholesale destruction. Reeve visits the reserve and learns about illegal logging

Environment at Risk (02:36)

Learn about the Vietnamese government's plan for rapid economic development. Reeve explores Cuc Phuong National Park. He encounters a coffee farm and reflects on small farm impacts.

Species Under Threat (02:09)

Reeve encounters domesticated elephants; learn why elephant populations are declining. The Vietnamese government is doing little to protect endangered species.

Ede People (02:06)

Muk supplements his income with elephant rides. Increased coffee farms threaten ethnic minority groups.

Bangkok, Thailand (04:56)

Thousands of ethnic minorities fled Vietnam. Two men explain their escape from persecution in Vietnam. Reeve reflects on Vietnam's government and political position.

Ho Chi Minh City (02:33)

Reeve tours a Nestle factory. A large portion of Vietnam's coffee harvest arrives at Nestle warehouses. Learn how beans are made into instant coffee.

Quality Over Quantity (02:13)

Global coffee chains promote Vietnamese coffee differently. A coffee consultant discusses Vietnam's need to switch to high quality coffee bean production.

Coffee Review (01:07)

Reeve reflects on what he has learned about Vietnamese coffee production and export.

Credits: Coffee Trail with Simon Reeve (00:44)

Credits: Coffee Trail with Simon Reeve

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Globally, billions are spent on coffee each year and the drink in its various forms is an essential part of life and culture for millions of people. But where does it all come from? Who grows and packs our coffee beans? Adventure journalist Simon Reeve embarks on a journey across Vietnam, which in just over 30 years has become the second largest coffee producer in the world. He discovers the impact the rapidly expanding coffee market has had on a nation of small farms. Simon begins his journey in Hanoi before heading into Vietnam’s exotic highlands where, in the aftermath of the war with America, a vast coffee-growing program was launched to help the country‘s economic recovery—but has led to widespread environmental damage.

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