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Intro: Credits: The Battle in Your Mind (01:21)


Excerpts from the upcoming program orient viewers to the reality that our decision-making processes are no what we think.

Why Don't Cabbies Take Sunny Days Off? (02:23)

Princeton's Prof. Daniel Kahneman explains the puzzling behavior of New York cab drivers, who seem to ignore the opportunity to profit from rainy weather.

Puzzle: Librarian or Farmer? (01:59)

In a man-on-the-street experiment, subjects are asked to guess whether mild-mannered Steve is a farmer or a librarian. The answer--and how people arrive at it, reveals one of our biases.

Cataloging Human Error (01:45)

Kahneman and Amos Tversky uncovered the structure of human error. Biases influence human error and are predictable. Kahneman displays his Nobel Prize medal.

Inattentional Blindness (05:27)

The conviction of Boston police officer Kenneth Conley inspired this experiment; watch as students, tasked with a cognitive activity run by a brutal fight without noticing it at all.

Life is a Sequence of Decisions (06:33)

Kahneman explains that we have two systems for thinking; one is quick and automatic, the other slow and deliberate. Watch how the body responds when demands are made on "system two."

Cognitive Biases (03:19)

Dan Ariely explains preset bias focus, the "spotlight effect" and the "Ikea effect." Prof. Kahneman explains "the halo effect."

Confirmation Bias (06:22)

Donald R. Kretz leads an experiment in which professional and amateur analysts attempt to thwart a terrorist attack. Watch as subjects go through a series of tasks designed to reveal confirmation bias.

Intelligence Failure & Cognitive Bias (03:25)

Eleven of twelve subjects in the experiment to thwart a terrorist attack fell victim to cognitive bias.

Loss Aversion (06:12)

Watch how the brain's system one and system two respond to loss and gain in these man on the street experiments.

Wall Street & Behavioral Economics (03:18)

Regarding the financial crisis, Santa Clara University's Prof. Hersh Shefrin explains that, "Human psychology is too flawed to expect that we could avert a crisis." Dan Ariely elaborates.

Evolutionary Origins of Our Mistakes (06:24)

Prof. Laurie Santos studies rhesus monkeys to learn if they share our cognitive biases. See how she introduced an economy to the monkeys. Like us, monkeys are more likely to take risks when faced with a loss.

Stuck with Intuition (02:40)

Experts offer closing insights to help us think about designing policies and structures that can help us make better decisions.

Credits: The Battle in Your Mind (00:41)

Credits: The Battle in Your Mind

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As a species, we like to think we are smart, creatures of reason, capable of making rational decisions. But we may have to think again. With every decision you take, there is a battle in your mind—a battle between intuition and logic. And the intuitive part of your mind is a lot more powerful than you may think. This conflict affects every aspect of your life—your diet, your habits, your beliefs. In this Horizon program, Professor Danny Kahneman explains the revolution in our understanding of the human mind. A BBC Production.

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