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Introduction: Bullying (01:08)


Children talk about being bullied.

Outline of Series on Bullying (02:32)

Keeping students safe is a school's most important responsibility. The narrator talks about the unique value of this series in bullying prevention.

What Is Bullying? (02:12)

Bullying is becoming a greater problem. Bullying peaks in middle school.

Talking to Bullies (03:05)

See a teacher talking to a bully about how his words make others feel, then to a victim. Do not bring the bully and victim together for a discussion.

Anti-Bullying Program (00:56)

This film will consider bullying from the perspective of school officials, and explain how schools can prevent bullying. Additional resources.

Understanding Bullying (01:09)

Some favor treating bullying as a criminal problem, others as a medical problem. Preventing bullying through education is the better approach.

Effects of Bullying (01:47)

Cyberbullying can be especially devastating. Victims and bystanders of school bullying may come to view school as unsafe.

Bullying Defined (01:23)

Imbalance of power distinguishes bullying from normal conflict. Cyberbully allows bullies to act without the victim present; cyberbullies are often victims of physical bullying.

Cyberbullying (03:04)

Cyberbullying allows the bully to avoid confronting the victim. Learn about gender differences in bullying and cyberbullying methods.

Reasons Schools Ignore Bullying (04:40)

Schools often ignore bullying because they underestimate its importance; some believe bullying builds character or hold other false beliefs.

Obstacles to Detection (01:26)

School staff often don't know about bullying. Bullies often act in unstructured environments. Victims often fail to report.

Signs of Bullying (01:01)

We learn the signs indicating a child has been bullied or cyberbullied.

What School Officials Can Do (01:16)

There are proven strategies for decreasing a school's level of bullying.

Enlist Whole School (03:24)

Make bullying a school priority by enlisting the whole school, including students. The principal must take the lead, and avoid bullying behavior himself.

Take Bullying Seriously (00:55)

Intervene even in small incidents if they are one-sided; what seems minor may loom large to the victim.

Encourage Bystander Action (01:10)

Encourage bystanders to support victims. Encourage students to report incidents, assuring them they will remain anonymous.

Help Loners Connect (02:38)

Students are less likely to be bullied if they are with another child. Provide supervision in environments such as halls. Train teachers.

Response to Bullying (01:28)

Intervene with the bully and victim. Consequences should be predictable and escalating, but do not bully the bully.

Help for Bully (01:05)

Bullies are at risk for future problems in life and require guidance and support. Learn motives behind bullying.

Helping Victim (00:55)

Establish trust with a victim in light of likely reluctance to talk about being bullied. Help them develop coping skills.

Summary: Confronting Bullying (02:04)

Bullying is a serious problem. Schools must confront bullying. Teachers must work with the bully and victim. Schools should have a comprehensive program.

Additional Resources & Credits: ABC's of Bullying Prevention: A Comprehensive Schoolwide Approach K-8- Administrators & Pupil Services Version (01:22)

Additional Resources & Credits: ABC's of Bullying Prevention: A Comprehensive Schoolwide Approach K-8- Administrators & Pupil Services Version

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ABC's of Bullying Prevention: A Comprehensive Schoolwide Approach K-8—Administrators & Pupil Services Version

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From physical violence to harassment and now cyberbullying, bullying has never been a bigger problem in our schools than it is today. This four-part video series provides school administrators with all of the necessary tools for implementing a comprehensive, school-wide bullying prevention program. It will also help them know how to respond when bullying does occur. The video is presented by Dr. Kenneth Shore, a school psychologist, family counselor, and noted author/expert on child behavior and bullying.

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