Segments in this Video

Intro to The New Teacher (01:51)


Viewers are oriented to the upcoming program and introduced to experts.

Complexity and Diversity (02:15)

Two million teachers will enter the field in the next decade. Kids are asked to meet higher standards of learning. Expectations were low in the 1950s when schools were segregated.

Professional Development School (02:37)

These partnerships are committed to student and teacher learning. Some new teachers are changing careers later in life.

Effective Principals (01:59)

At a professional development school new and experienced teachers construct education together using technology and cooperation.

Teacher Preparation Strategies (00:53)

Strategies include redesigning schedules for planning and staff development as well as building curriculum; team teaching; teacher-to-teacher mentoring; and teacher portfolios.

Redesigning Schedules (02:21)

Professional development must be sustained, continuous, and connected to teachers' work. Summer institutes and time during the school day support professional development.

Block Scheduling (03:46)

Schools are redesigning schedules for students. At professional development schools new teachers learn skills by watching experienced teachers.

Team Teaching (03:08)

Collaboration creates a shared knowledge base. A student teacher at a professional development school describes this method as fun and helpful.

Teacher-To-Teacher Mentoring (01:28)

At professional development schools new and veteran teachers are able to coach and support each other.

Teacher Portfolios (02:34)

At professional development schools teachers are asked to self evaluate and provide input for other teachers.

Preparation Through Collaboration (05:26)

Schools and universities need to work together to support teacher development. Teachers talk about the experience at Stanford.

Credits: The New Teacher: Meeting the Challenges (00:31)

Credits: The New Teacher: Meeting the Challenges

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Today's new teachers are responsible for ensuring diverse students--including students with disabilities and ELLs-- meet higher educational standards, pass high-stakes testing, and are equipped to succeed in a technology-driven workplace. How well prepared are these new teachers? This video explores Stanford University's Teacher Preparation Strategies, which include redesigned schedules, team teaching, mentoring, and teacher portfolios. Strategies stress collaboration between administrators, principals, staff development personnel, and teachers.

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