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Intro to the Mind Body Connection (03:01)


Eastern cultures have historically valued the role of emotion and spirituality in healing and learning. Viewers are oriented to the upcoming program and introduced to experts.

Curiosity and Emotion (07:30)

Children are naturally designed to learn from the environment. School limits and constrains children. Psychologists have had conflicting theories.

Bodymind (04:24)

Dr. Candace Pert has formulated a concept that the mind resides throughout the body. She offers insight into the biomolecular basis of feelings. Endorphins support bonding.

The Need for Movement (05:21)

Movement is essential to intellectual development. Students are expected to sit passively in school. Denmark is considered to have the top education system in the world.

Teaching and Learning (05:50)

ITI incorporates neuroscience into classroom environments. The integrated thematic instruction approach relates the biology of learning with teaching strategies and curriculum development.

Credits: Emotion: Gatekeeper to Performance (00:47)

Credits: Emotion: Gatekeeper to Performance

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Emotion: Gatekeeper to Performance

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Dr. Candace Pert, one of the most creative research scientists of our time, joins with nationally renowned educators Susan Kovalik and Carla Hannaford in this video to help educators, psychologists and therapists better understand the body/brain connection and what it means to our nation's schools and service providers. Dr. Candace Pert is the author of Molecules of Emotion, and was featured in Bill Moyer's book and PBS series Healing and the Mind and lectures extensively throughout the country.

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