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Importance of Character Education (01:43)


There is considerable debate over how and what to teach, but no academic approach can succeed unless it includes character education.

Purpose of Eleven Principles (01:39)

The eleven principles on this film will help schools design character education programs.

Character Crisis (01:41)

Tocqueville said America is great because she is good. Today there is rampant immorality among youth. Schools must return us to values the country was founded on.

School Reform (02:10)

We consider the relationship between the character education movement and other school reform efforts.

Narrowing Task (01:33)

Japanese schools have simple goals; American schools take on too many tasks. Character education should be a simplifying force.

Promote Core Ethical Values (02:38)

Schools should teach core values, such as the golden rule. Schools and parents should identify character qualities they wish to promote.

Comprehensively Defining Character (00:57)

Schools must comprehensively define character to include thinking, feeling and behavior, and teach students to admire good character traits.

Application Throughout School Life (05:12)

Schools should incorporate character education throughout the curriculum, and in all phases of school life.

Purpose of Eleven Principles (01:51)

All character education programs are different. The eleven principles will help you design yours.

School Must Be Caring Community (02:07)

Teach students to care for each other. A school is a moral environment, inevitably sending a moral message.

Opportunities for Moral Action (03:02)

The school must provide opportunities for moral action. Service learning is an example.

Challenging Academic Curriculum (01:37)

A school must encourage students to do their personal best. Character education has a reputation for being content-soft, but should not be.

Develop Intrinsic Motivation (02:25)

Democratic citizens need to do what is right when not being watched. Celebrate character in ways that support rather than undermining intrinsic motivation for learning.

Staff Must Become Moral Community (02:40)

An engineer talks about his volunteer work as student mentor. All staff must live by the school's character expectations.

Require Moral Leadership (01:07)

Some programs help families talk about their values. A student talks about a group that promotes activities.

Recruit Partners (02:43)

Recruit parents and community members as partners. Involve parents in character education planning, and help them be better parents. Parents discuss character education.

Evaluate Character of School (03:34)

A challenge with character education is measuring success. We must assess the character of the school, and the degree to which students develop character.

Time Pressure (00:44)

Time pressure crowds out character education. Schools must safeguard time for reflection on character. Character education and learning are not separate spheres.

Additional Resources & Credits: Eleven Principles of Character Education (01:21)

Additional Resources & Credits: Eleven Principles of Character Education

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Commissioned by the Character Education Partnership (CEP), the Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education presents a comprehensive guide to the development and assessment of character education programs in our nation's schools. Two of the country's prominent leaders in character education, Dr. Catherine Lewis and Dr. Thomas Lickona, provide a compelling review of the critical principles essential to any effective character education program. Also appearing are Sanford McDonnell, Chairman Emeritus of McDonnell-Douglas Corporation and other school administrators. Visit schools in Maryland and New York where quality character education programs are being implemented by skilled and resourceful staff. This video is an invaluable resource for all schools that are developing or assessing their character education initiatives.

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