Segments in this Video

Introduction: Schoolwide Enrichment Model (02:47)


Meet Dr. Joseph Renzulli, Director of the National Research Center on Gifted and Talented at the Univ. of Connecticut, and see classroom examples of his Schoolwide Enrichment Model.

Traits of Gifted and Talented Students (02:03)

Dr. Renzulli discusses capitalizing on students' strengths instead of focusing on deficiencies and identifies 3 sets of characteristics of gifted and talented students.

Differentiated Strategies (03:05)

At the Charter Oak Elementary School, teachers discuss differentiated strategies they use such as flexible groupings and themed learning centers.

Components of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (01:56)

Dr. Renzulli discusses the Service Delivery component that includes a Total Talent Portfolio, Curriculum Modification Techniques, and Enrichment Learning and Teaching.

The Enrichment Triad Model: Exploratory Activities and "How To" (03:37)

Dr. Sally Reis believes schools should develop student talents with the Triad Model of general exploratory activities, group training and individual and small group investigations of real problems.

The Enrichment Triad Model: Mentorship Programs (04:25)

The Mentorship Program is an example of the Triad Model Type 3 with investigation of real problems in research and business settings.

Enrichment Clusters (03:33)

Enrichment Clusters come together to produce a product or service with the teacher acting as access to information.

Enrichment Activities (02:27)

Parents and curriculum specialists work together to come up with enrichment activities. See students perform "Words in Motion."

Curriculum Compacting (01:43)

Curriculum compacting allows schedule and curriculum flexibility as it eliminates repetition, upgrades the challenge level and gives time for enrichment.

Standards Movement (01:33)

Dr. Reis and teachers discuss the impact of the Standards Movement on schedules and curriculum.

Flexible Grouping (01:32)

Curriculum compacting allows teachers to use flexible groupings at similar challenge levels.

School Improvement (03:13)

To avoid following fads, schools need a plan that provides flexibility to achieve a common set of goals. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model promotes student potential using the multiple intelligences.

Credits: Developing the Gifts and Talents of ALL Students (01:48)

Credits: Developing the Gifts and Talents of ALL Students

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Developing the Gifts and Talents of ALL Students

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Based on the belief that “a rising tide lifts all ships”, the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) is a proven plan for infusing a broad range of high-end learning strategies into existing school programs and standards-based reform initiatives. SEM helps educators and schools develop the gifts and talents of all students by using gifted education teaching practices, with all students. SEM places a premium on local school involvement, and the belief that all students are capable of developing their unique talents through the use of challenging, and enriching teaching practices. In the video, Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis take viewers inside schools where they will observe the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in action and meet teachers, principals, and students who have benefited from this easy-to implement plan. Viewers will learn: specific strategies for modifying and differentiating the curriculum in the regular classroom in order to accommodate individual rates and levels of learning; a hands-on approach to three interrelated types of enrichment that focus on the application, rather than assimilation, of knowledge; ways in which student products and services can be brought to bear on authentic assessments.

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