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Local Educational Framework (01:58)


In this film, Coalition of Essential Schools Chairman and education reformer Ted Sizer will argue that local communities should take responsibility for their schools.

Innovative School Case Studies (01:23)

Sizer will explore how localism is transforming education in Berwick's Noble High School; San Diego's O'Farrell Community School, and Boston's Fenway Middle College High School.

Defining Localism (02:16)

Sizer argues that American high schools reflect local communities and that teachers and faculty should have decision power.

Localism vs. Standardization (01:57)

Sizer argues that schools shouldn't be compared and the federal government should trust local communities to run educational institutions.

O'Farrell Community School (02:32)

An urban San Diego charter school empowers teachers to make learning decisions and includes parents in the process.

Charter School Movement (01:17)

Sizer discusses educational policy contradictions and cautions against government control of school standards.

Confusion about Standards (04:05)

Sizer calls for state assessments in careful reading, clear writing, and computational math—but all other subjects should be determined locally by parents and teachers.

Fenway Middle College High School (03:38)

Sizer argues against educational consensus. A Boston charter school practices localism; learn about their graduation committee program assessing student competency.

Assessing Standards (01:30)

An expert fears that national testing will lower educational quality. Sizer discusses the debate around measuring standards.

Educational Choice (03:26)

Sizer discusses how national public education policy has resulted in inequities between urban and suburban school systems.

Educational Policy Gap (02:06)

An expert discusses how policy makers set standards but fail to understand economic and cultural challenges facing individual schools.

Common Principles (02:19)

Sizer calls for teacher responsibility and outlines the Coalition of Essential School's nine principles for preparing students for graduation.

Teachers as Generalists (01:25)

Noble High School in rural Maine implemented a policy of teaching social as well as academic skills, and integrating subjects.

Personalized Learning (02:02)

Coalition schools reduce teacher loads so that teachers can develop individual student relationships.

Student Exhibitions (01:40)

Coalition schools have students present and defend their work before graduation—linking to "student worker" and "teacher coach" principles.

Planting Educational Reform Seeds (01:59)

Sizer advises parents and community members to read a cross section of student work to recognize the need to change school policies.

Changing Educational Attitudes (02:34)

An expert discusses resistance to educational reform. Parents-teacher consensus on quality standards is the first step; Sizer calls for all students performing at the highest level.

Credits: Crafting of America's Schools (00:34)

Credits: Crafting of America's Schools

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The call for national standards and tests created a major debate in our country over who should be setting the educational agenda and what should be taught in our nation's schools. Join Ted Sizer and members of the Coalition of Essential Schools as they outline a process to help communities take local responsibility for their schools. Viewers will go inside Noble High School, Berwick, ME; O'Farrell Community School, San Diego, CA; and Fenway Middle College High School, Boston, MA. Learn about the concept of localism from Ted Sizer, the founder of the Coalition of Essential schools. Understand the need for each school to reflect its own community in their quest for excellence. Hear compelling arguments about increasing quality through local design which puts the decisions for educational programming in the hands of those closest to the students.

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