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Inclusive School Environments (00:53)


Students with special needs are being included in general education classrooms, helping them socialize and helping their peers to learn about diversity and tolerance.

Core Diversity Values (01:23)

Kim and Fran Peek visit classrooms to promote respect, understanding and appreciation of differences, tolerance, increased awareness, and to inspire caring.

"Rain Man" (01:08)

In 1988, a Hollywood film about a savant changed society's view on the disabled. Since then, Kim and his father Fran traveled the world, teaching students about celebrating diversity.

Making "Rain Man" (02:11)

Fran explains how Dustin Hoffman and MGM Grand developed the script based on Kim's autism and their father-son relationship.

Autistic Transformation (02:24)

Fran discusses how Kim's social skills developed after "Rain Man" was released. Doctors now classify him as a memory savant; he isfeatured in "Scientific American."

Community of Caring Program (02:06)

Fran and Kim speak to Bennion Junior High students about Kim's unique brain. Their visit links to a character education program promoting respect, responsibility, caring, and family.

Sharing a Savant Talent (03:52)

Students research questions to ask Kim during his visit; Kim's encyclopedic memory impresses them.

Developing Disability Awareness (01:39)

Junior high students share their impressions of Kim's mega-savant gift and respect for others.

Autism Family Support (02:00)

Fran's love allowed Kim to develop and demonstrate his mega-savant abilities. Fran discusses how their symbiotic relationship changed his life.

Educating about Disabilities (01:51)

A parent discusses how disabled people have much to offer. She wants others to accept her daughter and include her socially.

Parent Support Groups (02:00)

Fran discusses how networks for parents of disabled children are gaining political power. He shows students the Oscar for Barry Morrow's "Rain Man" screenplay; Morrow urged him to socialize Kim.

Passion for Music (02:02)

Clinical social worker Angela Garofalo interviews Kim about his piano lessons at the University of Utah.

Promoting Respect and Tolerance (00:59)

Kim is a mega-savant who needs assistance with daily living activities. Kim and Fran's education work inspires Garofalo.

Celebrating Diversity (02:29)

A teacher discusses how Kim helps students to respect differences. His message of tolerance benefits disabled student inclusion, character education programs, and society in general.

Credits: Celebrating Diversity: A Universal Message from the Real Rain Man (00:50)

Credits: Celebrating Diversity: A Universal Message from the Real Rain Man

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Celebrating Diversity: A Universal Message from the Real Rain Man

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This video is a powerful teaching and learning tool for general and special educators, parents, and students committed to creating more inclusive and tolerant schools and community environments. In it viewers are introduced to Kim Peek, the extraordinary mega-savant who was the inspiration for the character portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rain Man. In the years following the film, Kim traveled around the country and around the world, carrying a message of accepting individual differences, recognizing that everyone is talented and special in different ways, and treating one another with respect. This video features clips of Kim speaking to school audiences, interacting with students, parents, and staff, and demonstrating his astonishing gifts. It is ideal for use with students in grades 5-12 as part of a character education unit to learn about accepting differences in others, developing tolerance, and appreciating diversity.

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