Segments in this Video

Capturing the Essentials: Introduction (02:42)


This segment orients viewers to the topic school reform and the Coalition of Essential Schools.

High Schools that Make Sense (01:59)

Ted Sizer was surprised by the similarities between 19th century high schools and modern high schools. Parents talk about their high school experiences.

Manufacturing Model (02:10)

Sizer says schools were formal and teacher-controlled. Students gained knowledge via a manufacturing model; CES schools deviate from this.

Personalization (03:15)

CES schools focus on individual attention and small groups. Small classes allow the teacher to keep track of each student and are less intimidating.

Essential Questions (03:08)

CES schools design curriculum around questions, not content. Questions help students understand how to learn and how to become self-directed learners.

Active Classroom (01:52)

In CES schools, students aren't always doing the same things. They work and act the way we do in real life.

Exhibition (02:33)

The presentation shows parents and teachers what students learned and how it affects them. The audience asks questions and students explain their knowledge.

Group Work (03:25)

CES schools encourage students to work in groups; collaboration is valued.

Portfolios (04:02)

Students keep learning logs that track their work. The portfolio is a long-term record of the student's learning career; it gives value to homework.

Active Citizens (02:00)

People who are in the habit of looking to their community's well-being become active citizens. CES brings democracy into the classroom.

Democracy (03:09)

CES brings democracy into the classroom. Students voice their opinions and work together. Sizer says his vision of high schools revolves around respect of teachers, of students, and of knowledge.

Credits: Capturing the Essentials (01:07)

Credits: Capturing the Essentials

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Capturing the Essentials

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This a classic professional development video introduces viewers to the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES)'s powerful model of whole-school reform. This model for creating optimal learning environments is based on nine common principles. In the video, the late Dr. Sizer explains the CES model in his own words, and discusses the concept of localism. The video profiles three exemplary CES high schools that bring to life the common principles of the Coalition in their daily practice by creating learning environments that are simple, flexible and humane. Viewers hear directly from students and parents about the ways in which their learning environments are profoundly different from the traditional models that have governed secondary schools through most of the twentieth century.

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