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Introduction: Get Wise To Portion Size (00:33)


Constantly seeing large portions has made it seem normal.

1. Portion Distortion is Everywhere (02:06)

Learn how portion size has increased over the years and affected servings at home.

2. Why Portion Size Matters (04:08)

A single meal could contain an entire day's worth of calories. Learn the effects of eating a few extra calories every day.

3. Tips for Eating Out (02:56)

Learn three tips to be "portion size wise:" order smaller sizes, split with a friend, or take home half your meal.

4. Tips for Eating at Home (06:08)

Learn what a serving size looks like and how much of your plate to fill with fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. Increased plate size leads to increased portion size.

Calorie Needs Vary (01:28)

Size, age, activity level and gender affect how many calories you need to maintain health.

Credits: Get Wise To Portion Size (01:23)

Credits: Get Wise To Portion Size

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Get Wise to Portion Size

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Over the past few decades there has been a steady growth in portion sizes we’re served. While many Americans have grown accustomed to oversized portions, these super-sized portions have brought rising rates of weight gain and obesity. In Get Wise to Portion Size, viewers learn more about why portion size matters and how to eat the right amount for you.

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