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Tracking & Giving (04:28)


Experts suggest ways to track your expenses to help you see how you spend. Successful people have a habit of charitable giving.

Credits: Tracking & Giving (00:52)

Credits: Tracking & Giving

Owing (02:50)

Learn the meaning of: debt, principal, and interest. Use the APR (annual percentage rate) to compare borrowing rates, and compare "good debt" to "bad debt."

Owing: Banks Encourage Borrowing (03:28)

Use debt for productive purposes. Live within your means and build your credit score by paying on time. Late payments will negatively affect your ability to borrow.

Spending: Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards (02:41)

Learn the difference between debit cards and credit cards, and the pros and cons of credit. Banks may offer a website for monitoring balances in real time.

Spending: Online & Mobile Banking Safety (02:30)

Get tips to stay protected from criminals who use "phishing" to acquire sensitive information.

Saving: Saving vs. Debt (02:24)

Learn why saving is important, how it is the opposite of debt, and how to start saving.

Saving: How Much Should I Save? (02:35)

Save enough money to cover 3 - 6 months of your basic debt. Investing carries risk, but can be yield higher returns on your money.

Earning: Decoding Your Paycheck (03:12)

Learn the difference between gross pay and net pay. Mandatory deductions include: income tax, FICA, social security, Medicare and more. Learn about several voluntary deductions.

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