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Sugar Shockers: A Sour Choice (04:40)


Learn how much sugar is in a can of soda and why it is harmful. The average American consumes 1/2 cup of sugar a day. Hear why diet soda is not a healthy alternative.

Sports Drinks & Performance (03:38)

Sports drinks contain electrolytes and carbohydrates; they are only good for certain types of activities. Protein and carbohydrates should be consumed within two hours of your workout.

Water That Isn't H2O (03:31)

The sugar content in juices can be equivalent to those in cookies and candy. Enhanced water contains sugar to mask the taste of added vitamins.

Energy Drinks & Caffeine (03:56)

Withdrawal symptoms from caffeine are similar those from known illegal drugs. Manufacturers are not required to list caffeine levels. See the pros, cons and side effects of caffeine.

Sleep Requirements (02:52)

About 70% of children have problems that diminish sleep quality. Learn recommended hours of sleep for all ages.

Healthy Beverages = Healthy You (05:06)

Hear the ingredients in orange soda, an orange beverage, and orange juice. Artificial ingredients can cause your body to crave more sugar. Learn the best beverage choices.

6 Reasons to Drink Water (01:37)

Water can balance body fluids, control calories, energize muscles, and eliminate waste. Learn what to avoid when choosing a beverage.

Credits: Think Before You Drink: Sugar Shockers & Beverage Tips (00:21)

Credits: Think Before You Drink: Sugar Shockers & Beverage Tips

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Think Before You Drink: Sugar Shockers & Beverage Tips

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What we choose to quench our thirst matters more than you might think. Beverages are the single largest source of calories in the average American diet and their contribution often goes largely unnoticed. Learn about how to make healthy choices.

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