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Concerto A for Clarinet (01:58)


Mozart wrote the Concerto A for Clarinet in 1791, one of his last compositions.

Childhood and Background (02:32)

Mozart's father Leopold was one of Europe's best violinists and composers and taught Mozart, who never attended school. Mozart's hometown Salzburg had Italian musical influences.

Mozart's First Composition (01:05)

A pianist Andate in C, Mozart's first composition, written at five, and notes the sudden change in rhythm. A normal five year old's hands are not developed enough to play it.

Touring Europe (03:55)

Mozart's parents took him to palaces and courts in Europe, where he won amazed attention. Hear works such as Sonata in D and his First Symphony, performed in London.

Hearing Other Musicians (01:47)

Extensive travels allowed young Mozart to hear other musical giants perform, a range of experience that enriched his music. Hear some of these musicians such as Haydn and Bach.

Londoner Skizzenbuch (01:10)

An expert illustrates Mozart's genius by comparing a work in the "London Sketchbook" (1764) with the way an ordinary composer might have created the work.

Early Adolescence (02:20)

Mozart and his father left Salzburg for Italy. K74 Symphony in G, written at 14, is still formulaic but shows remarkable talent. Early letters reveal personality.

Securing Commissions (01:44)

Leopold Mozart failed to install Mozart in a court position in Italy, but secured three commissions. Hear the Ascanio in Alba and Lucio Silla, 1771 and 1772 operas.

Advancement (01:28)

The Mozarts moved from their tenement flat into a fine new Salzburg apartment, using income Mozart earned in Italy. Mozart attained a position in the Salzburg court.

Energy (01:09)

Hear K201 from 1774. A level of energy distinguished his work from contemporary music at this point. K216 reflects his joy and exhibits depth.

Depth of Emotion (03:38)

K216 (1775) reflects Mozart's joy and exuberance but exhibits depth. K219 (1775) displays sensitivity and sadness.

Emerging Greatness (02:04)

An expert calls the Piano Concerto in E flat (1777) the first truly great Mozart piece. He rearranges conventions to produce surprise without losing his audience.

Toilet Humor (02:58)

Mozart left Salzburg sought illustrious commissions; his mother went with him to help him manage. Experts comment on the "toilet humor" in Mozart's letters.

Falling in Love (02:17)

Mozart fell in love with young singer Aloysia Weber. Hear K294, "Alcandro lo confesso," dedicated to her. His father objected to his plans to take her to Italy.

Father Exorts Mozart (01:46)

Letters between Mozart and his father while Mozart was in Paris are quoted; his father urges him to exert himself more socially.

Mother's Death (03:34)

Mozart wrote his father of his mother's death; his father blamed him. Hear K310, Sonata in A minor, written around that time. Letters also reveal career frustration.

Aloysia (00:51)

Mozart visited his sweetheart, Aloysia Weber, for whom he'd written K316, "People of Thessaly." She turned him down.

Salzburg Court Organist (01:25)

Mozart became Salzburg court organist. Hear his K317, Mass in C, and K321, Vespers in C.

Idomeneo Opera (03:57)

Mozart's music for "Idomeneo, King of Crete," (K366) the story of a Greek king obligated to sacrifice his son, may be motivated by his own rebellion against his father.

Fired by Archbishop (02:13)

The Archbishop of Salzburg ordered Mozart to Vienna with him; while there, Mozart seethed at being treated as a servant and was fired.

Constanze (04:23)

Against his father's wishes, Mozart became involved with Constanze Weber. The protagonist in "The Abduction from the Harem" loves a Constanze; his emotions are telling.

Marriage (01:18)

In 1782, Mozart married Constanze against his father's wishes.

Credits: In Search of Mozart: Part One (01:08)

Credits: In Search of Mozart: Part One

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In Search of Mozart: Part One traces the composer’s life from Mozart's birth 1756, in Salzburg, Austria to his marriage to Constanze Weber August 4, 1782. Follow him as he begins composing at 5 years old, and on his tour of European courts as a child prodigy, and hear how his music gradually matures and his personality emerges. Learn of his deteriorating relationship with his father, and his pursuit of marriage.

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