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Peter Bruegel Introduction (02:20)


Bruegel's paintings are a mix of the mundane and the macabre. Bruegel was born around 1525 in Breda. As a teenager, he apprenticed with Pieter Coecke van Aelst in Antwerp.

Bruegel's Education (02:11)

Bruegel deliberately rejected the Italian style. In 1551, he went to Italy. On his return, he drew Alpine landscapes for engravings.

"The Netherlandish Proverbs" (02:40)

Bruegel drew for the "Seven Deadly Sins" print series. He transformed the pictorial parable into this oil painting.

"The Triumph of Death" (03:04)

Bruegel's black humor reflected political and ecclesiastical chaos. Influenced by Hieronymus Bosch's scenes of hell, Bruegel created this painting around 1562.

"The Massacre of the Innocents" (02:56)

As political tension grew in Antwerp, Bruegel moved to Brussels. His 1566 painting seems to allude to the terror of Spanish suppression.

"Hunters in the Snow" (02:55)

In 1565, a wealthy Antwerp merchant commissioned a series of paintings for his village. Bruegel provides a panorama depicting man's relationship with the natural world.

"The Gloomy Day" (01:48)

Marlow discusses the elements Bruegel depicts in this painting, part of a series commissioned by a wealthy Antwerp merchant.

"The Peasant Wedding Feast" (03:16)

Bruegel dressed as a peasant to observe peasant life. He individualizes peasant faces in this painting.

Bruegel's Death (01:46)

Despite civil war in Bruegel's homeland, he continued to prosper. He died in 1569, but his reputation and that of his sons continued to grow.

Credits: Bruegel: Great Artists (Series 1) (00:29)

Credits: Bruegel: Great Artists (Series 1)

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Pieter Bruegel the Elder's enigmatic, humorous, sometimes grotesque paintings remain among the most distinctive examples of Netherlandish art. Though he had traveled to Italy, Bruegel turned his back on the popular Italianate styles of the time and developed traditional Netherlandish genres of painting.His paintings and etchings served as windows into other worlds, illustrating the mountains and rivers of far off lands. Bruegel lived through a period of immense social and religious upheaval, in which the Catholic Habsburgs were determined to crush the growing ranks of Protestant dissenters in the Netherlands. Bruegel was among the first artists to paint almost exclusively for the growing class of merchants and intellectuals.Works featured in this program include The Netherlandish Proverbs, The Triumph Of Death, The Hunters In The Snow, Gloomy Day, The Massacre Of The Innocents, and The Wedding Feast.

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