Segments in this Video

Gary Hill's "Wall Piece" (05:32)


Using a lighted table, images, and strobe effects, Gary Hill creates a séance-like experience. Hill demonstrates his creative processes in his studio. Light, language, and body contact are his media.

Gary Hill's "Crossbow" (03:19)

Hill works with the concept of circuits and the interconnectedness of his images. Symmetry and asymmetry, self and other, hands, video, and sounds make up "Crossbow."

Camera and Man (04:51)

A man has cameras attached to his body in “Crux.” Objects, space, and body movements appear in five separate screens. The screens are reminiscent of Leonardo’s “Vitruvian Man” and of a crucifix.

Gary Hill: Image and Sound (06:08)

Hill's video switch piece, "Suspension of Disbelief," is played on a long, horizontal series of monitors. Image, sound, and language are integral to Hill's creations.

Gary Hill: "Remarks on Color" (03:39)

A young girl reads a difficult passage, negotiating every word even if she does not understand it. An older girl reads a passage in which difficult words are phonetically spelled.

Gary Hill and Surfing (03:55)

Hill and other surfers walk to the beach. Surfing helps Hill free up his thinking patterns. Hill rides the waves. Hill talks about the experience of surfing. He likes living on the ocean.

Images of a Book and a Nude Male (06:01)

Gary Hill creates a video and sound experience of a book. Images of text, waves, and light juxtapose. Hill talks about the novel and the video. A nude male makes nonsensical sounds on video.

Gary Hill: "Come On Petunia" (04:38)

A girl's disjointed and reversed vocalizations create tension in the viewer. Electronic noises accompany a young woman lifting things off a table. Hill's larger installations invite viewer participation.

Gary Hill's Video and Sound Creations (04:24)

A camera scans a row of day laborers. To Hill, this work is a comment about being one-on-one with a stranger. Shadows pass over the pages of a book. Disconnected images move on the screen.

Gary Hill in His Studio (04:21)

Gary Hill talks about the pros and cons of living in Seattle. He shops at the Public Market. Hill works in a windowless, bunker-like studio. He speaks random words and sounds into a microphone.

Gary Hill: “Mediations” (04:01)

In "Mediations," Hill presents sounds and images with a loudspeaker. A hand pours sand into the speaker. The sand vibrates to the sounds of the voice.

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Gary Hill: Transcending the Senses

Part of the Series : Video Artists, Video Art: Film at the Fringes of Experience
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Gary Hill’s transformative films, performances, and video installations offer resonant philosophic and poetic insights as he explores the tensions that reverberate among electronic media, language, the senses, and the self. In this program, Hill uses a number of his pieces to investigate otherness and ambiguity, dislocation of the senses, the boundary between words and comprehension, the physicality of text, and figurative interactivity. Featured works include Wall Piece; Crossbow; Liminal Objects; Reflex Chamber; Conundrum; Remarks on Color; Suspension of Disbelief; I Believe It Is an Image in Light of the Other; Why Do Things Get in a Muddle? (Come on Petunia); CRUX; Primarily Speaking; and Mediations. Contains brief nudity. (54 minutes)

Length: 55 minutes

Item#: BVL33230

ISBN: 978-0-7365-9165-2

Copyright date: ©2001

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