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Ice Defines the Arctic (01:42)


15,000 years after the end of the last ice age much of Canada is still under ice. Less than 1% of North American mammals can survive year-round above the tree line.

Arctic Polar Bears (02:28)

Well suited to the icy Arctic, a mother and her new cubs explore and play. They will travel hundreds of miles to reach hunting grounds before the sea ice breaks up.

Formation of Frost Flowers (01:54)

Arctic ice takes different forms varying in consistency and behavior. See time-lapse photography of frost flowers, which contain a high concentration of bacteria.

Ice in Motion (01:22)

Seen in time-lapse photography, temporary ice cliffs are formed as the tide goes out from underneath the Arctic ice.

Hunting Under Sea Ice (02:48)

At low tide, Inuit hunters dig through ice to reach mussels on the sea bed.

Hudson Bay Polynya (03:17)

Common eider ducks dive 49 feet to forage for mussels and urchins on the ocean floor. Failure to leave the open water before it freezes means death.

Arctic Spring Melt (02:21)

The frenetic change is focused at the flow edge, where growing algae feeds plankton. Cod, sea birds, and seals are drawn to the bountiful waters.

Hunting Ringed Seals (04:02)

A polar bear and an Inuit hunter hunt at the flow edge. Sled dogs feast on a seal. Unsuccessful, the bear eats the team's leftovers.

Polar Bears Hunt Thick-billed Murre (03:52)

A desperate mother and her cubs try to catch birds on a cliff. She nurses her yearlings.

Spring Thaw Ice Passages (02:56)

Sled dogs can sense the stability of the ice beneath them. Narwhal use the passages to go inland and safely raise their cows.

Clamming Walrus (01:14)

More than half of the Arctic sea ice melts in summer- it's disappearing at a faster rate than ever. See a walrus dig for clams.

Caribou: Predator Swamping (03:31)

Female caribou struggle in the soft snow on their migration to calving grounds. Caribou numbers are falling due to the variability of current seasons.

Arctic Fox Egg Heist (01:34)

After stealing eggs from Canadian geese, a fox hides the meal for future hard times.

Polar Bears Fish for Char (03:35)

In shorter ice seasons, polar bears have less time to hunt. Desperate, they eat seaweed and berries. Fishing in rivers is new to polar bears.

Beluga Whale Spa (02:32)

Beluga whales scrub themselves on the gravel in the shallow estuary at Somerset Island.

Killer Whale Increasing Numbers (00:51)

With less Arctic ice it is easier for the whale to hunt; they come in from the Atlantic for beluga and narwhal.

Uncertain Future (03:06)

The summer ice will be gone in a few decades eliminating the stable haven for many animals. Humans have triggered the massive changes in the Arctic.

Credits: Wild Canada: Ice Edge (00:44)

Credits: Wild Canada: Ice Edge

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Canada’s arctic wildlife is finely adapted to a life on and around ice and yet this frozen landscape is undergoing a massive shift due to humans. From polar bear cubs making their first discovery of ice to a caribou calf 'dancing' in the chilly spring air to eider ducks diving under the ice to find mussels, we witness the extremes and wonders of life far north.

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