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Introduction: The Heartland: Wild Canada (01:13)


Canada's heartland includes vast forests, rolling grasslands, countless lakes and fascinating wildlife.

Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek (02:10)

In the grasslands of southern Saskatchewan, male grouse dance to sort out a pecking order. Blackfoot First Nation people perform a traditional dance inspired by the prairie chicken.

Grass Plains Bison (01:30)

In 1691, English explorer Henry Kelsey was the first European to travel through southern Canada where he encountered vast herds of bison.

Pronghorn Antelope (01:23)

The grasslands once stretched across most of the U.S. to central Mexico and supported many different species including the Pronghorn.

Rejuvenating the Prairie (02:07)

Prairie First Nations used fire to kill young trees, while leaving grass roots intact; ash fertilized the soil. Bison helped support the grass with their dung and hooves.

Prairie Wolves & Bison (03:07)

Wolves protect prairie grasslands by keeping bison herds on the move. Disguised as wolves, plains people got close to the bison and then drove them off a "buffalo jump."

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (01:17)

Prairie dogs make their homes underground with miles of burrows. Entrance mounds are used as lookout points.

Burrowing Owls (02:32)

Emerging from their borrowed prairie dog burrow, owl chicks fight over food deliveries and practice flying.

Ducks & Geese (02:16)

Canada's lakes are an important resource for water birds. Snow Geese gather at Quill Lake.

Frost & Snow in the Heartland (01:52)

The first frost hits the prairies in late October. Canada's boreal forest is considered the largest intact forest in the world. Snow falls on conifers and woodland wildlife.

Canada's Harsh Winters (04:58)

A moose and her calf search for food. Ravens chase off whisky jacks feeding on a deer carcass. Learn about the rarely seen wolverine.

Wild Beaver Lodge & Muskrat (02:49)

Beneath a blanket of snow in northern Qu├ębec, muskrats squat in a beaver home. See the animals forage underwater for food and muskrats maintaining the lodge.

Western Grebe Courtship Display (01:11)

Canada's boreal forest contains the highest concentration of lakes, wetlands and undammed rivers on earth. See grebes dance across water.

Beaver Dams (05:50)

In spring, the beaver lodge becomes an island in a small pond. Waterfowl benefit from this beaver made pond. Their dams reduce flooding and contribute to clearer water.

Decimation of Beaver Population (01:45)

In 1659, two Frenchmen returned from a trading journey, into Canada's heartland, with 55 tons of fur. Once numbering 400 million, beavers now number 12 million.

Forest Rejuvenation (02:39)

Once viewed as a destructive force, fire is now recognized as an essential part of forest life-cycle. See cones of a Jack pine open and release seeds in time-lapse photography.

Modern Prairie Landscape (02:13)

Farms and cattle ranches now cover 89% of the original grasslands. A few bison remain in reserves and game ranches. A calf instinctively struggles to stand within minutes of birth.

Grizzlies Return to the Prairie (02:23)

Once at home on the prairie, grizzlies are a rare sight in southwestern Alberta. Feared by settlers, they were shot on sight and driven to extinction.

Credits: Wild Canada: The Heartland (00:34)

Credits: Wild Canada: The Heartland

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From the prairies to Canada's vast boreal forest, we reveal a huge wilderness of extremes that has been shaped over millennia by both humans and wildfires. Here pronghorn antelope, the fastest hoofed land animal on earth, still haunt the grasslands, the elusive wolverine thrives in the icy remote northern forests and beaver share their cozy lodges with grateful muskrats.

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