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Introduction: The Eternal Frontier: Wild Canada (01:54)


This film explores Canada's wilderness and iconic wildlife. Viewers will learn how humans shaped the landscape.

Arrival of Humans (01:17)

Fifteen thousand years ago, a glacier covered Canada. Humans arrived from Asian by way of a land-bridge created from lowering seas.

Province of Newfoundland (02:05)

Humpbacks arrive each spring to the most eastern point of the North American continent. In 1497, John Cabot became the first European since the Vikings to lay claim to the new found land.

Shoals of Capelin & Atlantic Cod (01:24)

Arriving each spring to the Newfoundland coast, nutrient rich capelin supports the abundance of life. Rich fishing grounds lured the first Europeans.

Humpbacks Feast on Capelin (02:16)

Humpbacks travel thousands of miles to reach Newfoundland in the spring. A whale can eat a ton of capelin in one day and take in 50,000 liters of water in one gulp.

Breeding Capelin (03:59)

Beach spawners surf to the shore to breed; they become targets of hungry seagulls.

Natives of Eastern Canada (01:54)

European explorer John Cabot was one of the first to encounter the Beothuk people.

Controlled Burning in Black Oak Forests (02:39)

Learn about the lush homeland created by the Iroquois and Algonquin through the careful use of fire. The area once supported huge deer populations.

Canada's Maple Forests (03:00)

The rich open savanna was lost after controlled burning ended; maple began to take over. Black oak remains in a few small patches.

Elusive Wolverine (01:21)

Canada's boreal forest stretches 6,000 miles, making it the world's largest intact forest. Snow transforms it for six months each year. A wolverine's furry feet make travel easier.

Northern Forest Polar Bear (02:17)

Canada's winter forest provides refuge for polar bears. New cubs emerge from their den. As spring approaches, the bears follow the retreating ice.

Nocturnal Flying Squirrel (01:57)

See the northern lights over Canada's night sky. The squirrel can glide for 54 yards between trees; their tail acts like a rudder.

World's Largest Gathering of Snakes (03:07)

On the southern edge of the great forest, red-sided garter snakes emerge from hibernation. Learn about their mating habits.

Pronghorn (02:16)

Created by sediments of melting glaciers, the North American prairie once stretched all the way to Mexico. The vast open plains are an ideal habitat for the fastest hoofed mammal on the planet.

Canadian Rockies Mountain Goat (02:12)

The mountain range includes some of the tallest peaks on the continent. The vertical walls of the Stikine River canyon are home to mountain goats.

Rainforest's Spirit Bear (03:48)

Canada's temperate rainforest holds a greater abundance of life than anywhere else in the country. Learn about a rare white black bear and see him trying to catch fish.

Caribou on Canadian Tundra (01:30)

The center of Canada is in the middle of the Arctic tundra. Caribou are one of the few grazers that can survive on the mosses and lichens that grow on the tundra.

Mammoth Steppe (01:57)

Recent scientific research shows that 15,000 years ago the tundra was grassland grazed by mammoths. Scientists believe that after they were hunted to extinction the grasses died out.

Canada's New Frontier (02:19)

Global warming is melting the arctic and opening a new frontier. It is unknown how the area's wildlife will adapt to the new conditions or how the rest of the planet will be affected.

Credits: Wild Canada: The Eternal Frontier (00:34)

Credits: Wild Canada: The Eternal Frontier

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Go on an extraordinary journey from the spectacle of humpback whales feeding on capelin off Newfoundland to the world's largest intact temperate rainforest in British Columbia that is home to the rare "white" black bear. Acrobatic flying squirrels and thousands of red-sided garter snakes are just some of the incredible array of wildlife we see.

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