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Respect for Water (02:08)


A First Nations' elder expresses the reverence that his people have for the river that supports them. His people could not exist apart from the river and its water.

Polluted Water Causes Human Disease (04:11)

Governments all around the world have failed to meet their responsibilities to provide their people with safe drinking water. Billions of people lack clean drinking water and six thousand children die everyday from water-related diseases.

South Africa Fights Poverty with Water (05:21)

The battle against poverty in South Africa begins with supplying people with clean water. When Nelson Mandela and others drafted South Africa's new constitution they made it the government's duty to provide access to clean water.

Water Conservation (02:27)

Many inventive methods are used to provide people with safe water, yet the world still has a serious water crisis. Less wasteful, more efficient use of available water resources is necessary to meet the needs of the world's growing population.

Local Water Solutions in India (05:30)

Farmers in India trap enough rainwater during the monsoon season to last all year long. To help conserve water they plant crops and use farming methods that require less water and are more suited to their natural water cycle.

Access to Water is a Basic Human Right (05:30)

The United Nations has declared that access to water is a basic human right. It is necessary to institute sustainable water use practices around the world to solve today's water crisis and prevent an even bigger global catastrophe in the future.

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In a dramatic reversal of policy since apartheid, South Africa has become a model of water fulfillment. Despite being one of the driest regions on Earth, India’s Rajasthan is an oasis due to the revival of a system of ancient rain basins. This program looks at these encouraging examples to show how sustainable solutions to long-term water management can be achieved, while a visit to Sertão in Brazil illustrates the appalling alternative—two very different futures. (27 minutes)

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