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Water War in the Middle East (05:10)


Water will soon replace oil as the world's most sought after resource. In the Middle East water is one source of the continuing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia Project (04:11)

Turkey is positioning itself to become a major agricultural exporter. Construction of a series of dams, power plants, and irrigation canals in the basins of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers may have devastating effects on Syria and Iraq.

The United States Violates Mexico's Water Rights (04:32)

The Colorado River delta in Mexico has been nearly destroyed by dams that support non-sustainable agriculture and giant cities in the United States.

Nile River Conflict and Cooperation (04:26)

Ethiopia and Egypt are at odds over use of water from the Nile River. The Nile Basin Initiative is a partnership established in hopes that countries within the Nile basin will cooperate to equitably manage development and use of the Nile's waters.

Opposition to India's Tehri Dam (02:50)

Governments sometimes construct large dams with little regard for social and environmental impact. Indian people protest construction of a dam whose reservoir will submerge several villages and will threaten many more should an earthquake occur.

Water as a Source of Cooperation (03:52)

Lesotho is a poor country whose water resources may help change its fortunes. Lesotho's Katse dam brings electricity to the country and generates revenue from water supplied to neighboring South Africa.

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Almost half the world gets its drinking water from rivers that cross national boundaries. Analysts predict that more wars will be fought over water than oil. This program surveys a number of active or potential hot spots: Israel and the river Jordan; the Southeastern Anatolia Project in Turkey and its effects on Syria and Iraq; Egypt’s Toshka Canal and the Nile Basin Initiative; and the Tehri dam in India. The program also looks at the effects of the Hoover dam on the Colorado River delta in Mexico and the success of Lesotho’s Katse dam. Vandana Shiva, author of Water Wars, discusses many of these situations. (27 minutes)

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