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Water Crisis in Lagos (04:26)


Cities with populations exceeding ten million people have a difficult time providing water for their people. Only about 25 percent of the people in Lagos, Nigeria are connected to the water mains.

Jakarta's Water Problems (04:16)

Jakarta's municipal water system fails to provide even a third of the city's water needs, forcing hotels, businesses and residences to rely on private wells. Jakarta's rivers are heavily polluted by industrial effluent and human waste.

Mexico City's Water Emergency (04:14)

One crisis follows another as Mexico City's water department operates in a perpetual state of emergency. Hundreds of pipes burst daily, sinkholes appear, and the water supply has been exhausted in this megalopolis.

Wasting Water in Las Vegas (03:33)

Las Vegas is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. The city's water department patrols suburban streets to educate homeowners about water conservation and to issue fines to those who waste water.

Water Related Diseases in Lagos (02:54)

Lagos does not have a single working water treatment plant. Raw sewage pollutes the water supply there and in overpopulated cities around the world where water related diseases kill thousands every year.

Private Companies Take Over Jakarta's Water (02:16)

Jakarta hopes privatization will solve its water supply and distribution problems, but Indonesia's economic troubles have prevented the private water companies from fulfilling their goals.

Water for Mexico City's Poor (03:09)

Tanker trucks deliver water daily to Mexico City's poorest people. The city is working to replace outdated water pipes and has placed a moratorium on development, but the water system remains on the verge of collapse.

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This program takes a hard look at the mounting challenge of providing millions of people in urban areas with potable water and adequate disposal of waste water. To highlight the difficulties, segments focus on the water problems of the megalopolis, cities with populations of over ten million people, such as Lagos, Jakarta, and Mexico City. The massive logistics that enable Las Vegas to prosper in the middle of a desert are also explored. (27 minutes)

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