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Ecological Disaster in Central Asia (02:24)


The former Soviet Union rerouted entire rivers to support cotton production in Uzbekistan. As a result the Aral Sea is dying, leaving behind a dried landscape covered with salt, pesticides, and fertilizer.

Sustainable Farming in Cuba (02:22)

The collapse of the Soviet Union left Cuban farmers without subsidies to run the expensive pumps used to irrigate their fields. Farmers have recovered by developing windmill technology and sustainable farming practices.

Arable Lands Are Being Destroyed (01:44)

Deforestation, overgrazing, and erosion are destroying arable land across the world. Valuable forests are cleared to create pastures only capable of short term agricultural use.

Water and Hope for Ethiopia's Highlands (01:39)

Ethiopia's highlands have a short rainy season and the people suffer from a constant shortage of water. An organization that builds pumps, wells, and reservoirs is helping to bring water and new opportunities to these people.

Global Warming Threatens Agriculture (01:25)

Nothing threatens the security of farmers more than global warming. The effects of global warming are causing crops to fail all around the world.

Conserving California's Water (03:51)

California's large fruit and vegetable farms are constantly threatened by drought; they depend on irrigation to survive. Farmers use resourceful management techniques and high tech methods to conserve their water supply.

Israel's Innovative Water Recycling Methods (02:19)

Israel's landscape is mostly desert and its population is increasing. Innovative methods have been developed to treat wastewater for use in agriculture.

Genetically Engineered Plants (01:50)

Expensive water treatment and recycling methods are of no use to countries who can't afford them. Scientists are working to genetically engineer plants that will thrive in regions affected by drought.

Wise Crop Selection in India (02:40)

Proponents of traditional farming methods believe informed crop selection is a key to sustainable agriculture. A renowned Indian environmentalist is campaigning for the worldwide use of agricultural plants that need little water.

Sustainable Agriculture for the Future (03:23)

It can be difficult and expensive for farmers to change crops and farming methods, but solving agriculture's water crisis depends on changes toward sustainable practices.

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No matter where on Earth, the one human activity that consumes the most water is the one that wastes the most: agriculture. From locations around the world, this program surveys both disasters of agricultural irrigation, such as cotton farming in Uzbekistan, and innovative successes in water-efficient techniques and crops, such as in California and India. Numerous examples illustrate the destructive effects of deforestation and overgrazing, the difficulty of fighting erosion and reclaiming arable soil, and the urgency of the motto: more crop per drop. (27 minutes)

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