Segments in this Video

Act 4 Philinte and Eliante Discuss Love (05:08)


Philinte describes the trial, and Alceste's obstinacy. Philinte and Eliante discuss Alceste's virtues and bad choice of a lover. Philinte declares love for Eliante.

Alceste Confronts Celimene (10:35)

Alceste complains of betrayal and wants to get even through Eliante. Alceste attacks Celimene for her betrayal. She denies all and leaves.

Alceste and Celimene Argue (06:07)

Alceste wallows in pain. Celimene claims naivete, which he doubts, but can't help loving her. He wishes his love could rescue her.

Servant Announces Threat (05:37)

Alceste's servant announces the need to flee, and claims he has a letter threatening Alceste. They all leave Celimene.

Act 5: Alceste Renounces Society (06:54)

Alceste renounces society, refusing to live among "wolves." He refuses to appeal. He wants only to test Celimene's love one last time.

Celimene Exposed (10:24)

Oronte begs Celimene to banish Alceste. Alceste forces her to choose. She recoils, preferring to play one against the other.

Alceste Flees Corruption (11:02)

Celimene admits to deceiving only Alceste. He admits to frailty, agrees to love her if she flees with him. She cannot reject the world. He rejects her. Alceste flees.

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Le Misanthrope (in French)

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Having lost all patience with the flattery and hypocrisy of fashionable society, Alceste has vowed to speak and act only with complete sincerity. Paradoxically, he falls in love with the epitome of all that he despises: the cruel coquette Célimène. Disgusted by his loss in a lawsuit in which justice was on his side, Alceste resolves to abandon society once and for all, and asks Célimène to accompany him. Unfortunately, she is more in love with her frivolous lifestyle than with him. Alceste departs alone.

Length: 142 minutes

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