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The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Consults with Geronimo (04:36)


Sganarelle asks Geronimo if he may consult with him on an important matter. Geronimo agrees.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Announces His Marriage Plans (03:03)

Sganarelle tells Geronimo he wants to marry. Geronimo advises against it, as Sganarelle is too old. When Sganarelle announces that he has already found the girl he loves with all his heart, Geronimo gives his blessing.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Announces the Name of His Bride (04:46)

Sganarelle struts the stage, demonstrating his vigor and strength. He claims to be fit for a young bride. When Geronimo discovers that Dorimène is the bride-to-be, he urges Sganarelle to marry right away.

The Forced Marriage: Interlude (01:37)

Sganarelle is alone on stage except for a young boy who sings to him.

The Forced Marriage: Dorimène Agrees to Marry Sganarelle (03:19)

Sganarelle asks Dorimène if she is comfortable with allowing him to possess her body and soul. She agrees, noting how bad her life is with her father.

The Forced Marriage: Dorimène Reveals Her Wild Side (04:14)

Having agreed to marry Sganarelle, who believes his Dorimène is a reflective, innocent, Dorimène announces that she loves games, visits, meetings, gifts, and promenades--in a word, all things fun. This announcement shocks Sganarelle.

The Forced Marriage: Interlude (00:59)

A young boy sings to a confused Sganarelle as he contemplates the shocking meeting with Dorimène.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Has Doubts About Marrying (02:01)

Sganarelle admits he now has doubts about marrying Dorimène. He asks Geronimo to explain a dream. Geronimo suggests he go to philosophers, scientists, friends, and others and listen to their opinions about his pending marriage.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle and Pancrace (03:57)

Pancrace is no help to Sganarelle who has come to him for advice. Instead, he ridicules the man. He claims to be angry at the world. He speaks in philosophical babble to Sganarelle.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle and Pancrace Have a Battle of Words (03:21)

Sganarelle admits he wants to discuss something that is embarrassing to him. Pancrace questions what language he will speak in. Sganarelle finds Pancrace difficult to deal with. Pancrace tells him to go ahead and start telling him the problem.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Cannot Get a Word in Edgewise (04:16)

Pancrace thinks Sganarelle wants to talk on some point of philosophy. Sganarelle tells him he wants to marry a young girl. Pancrace keeps talking scientific and philosophical babble. Sganarelle gives up on the philosopher who makes no sense.

The Forced Marriage: Interlude (01:22)

A young boy sings to Sganarelle, who has just given up on talking to philosophers.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Confesses His Fears (04:31)

In a conversation that yields little but philosophical babble, Sganarelle admits to Marphurius that he fears that Dorimène may cuckold him. For this he is embarrassed in advance. He rejects Marphurius and decides to talk to some fortunetellers.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Goes to Fortune Tellers (03:14)

Sganarelle demands to know the fate of his marriage. He asks two fortune tellers and they refuse to tell him. In frustration, he chases them off. His last resort is to ask a magician.

The Forced Marriage: Interlude (01:13)

As Sganarelle tries to find a magician, a young boy sings to him and helps him compose himself.

The Forced Marriage: Dorimène Has a Lover (04:54)

Sworn lovers Dorimène and Lycaste make love within earshot of Sganarelle. Lycaste wonders how she can marry the old man when they two of them are in love. She assures him that Sganarelle will soon die. The old man vows to rid himself of the whole embarrassing situation.

The Forced Marriage: Interlude (01:12)

Seeing that he will indeed be cuckolded by Dorimène, Sganarelle determines to end it all. A young boy sings to him.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Confronts Dorimène's Father (05:27)

Knowing the truth about Dorimène, Sganarelle asks her father to release him from his engagement. He claims he is old and has bad moods. Alcantor does not understand at first, but then promises to see what he can do.

The Forced Marriage: Sganarelle Persuaded to Change His Mind (04:19)

Sganarelle is relieved that he may be able to get out of the marriage. Alcidas, Dorimène's brother, challenges Sganarelle to a sword fight. After a good thrashing from Alcidas, Sganarelle agrees to marry Dorimène after all.

The Forced Marriage: Interlude (01:25)

A young boy sings to Sganarelle who has passed out from his beating.

The Forced Marriage: Celebration of the Marriage (03:33)

Alcidas tells his father that Sganarelle has agreed to keep his word and marry Dorimène. Alcantor tells everyone to celebrate the happy marriage. Sganarelle is unconscious, and Lycaste sneaks off with Dorimène.

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Sganarelle is a wealthy man of sixty-four who proposes to Dorimène, a flirtatious young woman in her teens. But as second thoughts assail him, he consults with his friend Geronimo, a couple of philosophers, and even a pair of fortune-tellers. Convinced that he will become the butt of marital infidelity, he struggles to break off the engagement—until Dorimène’s brother gives him a sound beating, which persuades him to finish what he has started.

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