Segments in this Video

Moliere's Troop Gathers to Rehearse (05:51)


Moliere takes role at the rehearsal. Actors whine and do not know roles; Moliere complains of hard task to please the royals. He admits it's better to be unpolished than to be late.

Moliere Illustrates Many Characters (09:18)

Moliere and his wife argue. Mlle Bejart suggests another play. Moliere acts out his new idea, imitates great actors in famous roles. His troop loves it.

Moliere Inspires His Actors (04:35)

Moliere pushes them to get inside their new roles. He describes each new role in detail to encourage his actors.

Moliere Plays Opposite a Marquis (07:35)

A Marquis interrupts. They ask him to leave. The rehearsal begins with a an affected Marquis acting the critic's view of Moliere. They call in a judge, one of the cast, to settle the bet about the role.

Moliere Describes Types He Created (05:03)

The judge reminds Moliere that he paints types and morals, not people. His characters could be many people. Moliere admits he will never run out of material to teach lessons.

Cast Defends Moliere (11:03)

Mlles invent words for their characters. A man arrives with news of new play trouncing Moliere. The cast defends his critique of society. The sweetest revenge is a successful play.

Moliere Deflects the Attack (06:22)

Moliere declines to attack his critics, prefers to please his admirers. He claims that critics want only to distract him. He invites mockery of his words, his tone, his gestures, but not his person. life.

Cast Panics; Moliere Chooses Again (02:53)

Cast declines to stand before King and wing it. The King sends runners to say he is ready. Moliere pleads for time. Bejart announces a reprieve. Moliere chooses a different play they all know.

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Under the pretext of holding an improvised rehearsal at Versailles, Molière gathers his actors and attempts to explain his conception of drama while defining the poetics of a rigorous and innovative dramatic art—and in the process settles some accounts with the troupe of the Hotel de Bourgogne. This play, along with La Critique de L’Ecole des Femmes, served as Molière’s response to the severe criticism of his L’Ecole des Femmes. Directed by Georges Bensoussan.

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