Segments in this Video

Suitors Leave Angrily (04:50)


La Grange, furious at rebuff by ladies, vows revenge, hatches a plot with his friend Du Croisy. Gorgibus wonders what happened, complains of their excesses, the cost, and loss of suitors.

Ladies Describe Lovegames (04:59)

Cathos and Magdelon complain of tacky men. They prefer men who know games and rules. They want intrigue, pretense and etiquette. Gorgibus finds it rubbish. The ladies insist.

Gorgibus Argues with Ladies (04:04)

The ladies announce name changes. Gorgibus refuses. They want to enjoy Paris before marriage. He is tired of paying. They cannot believe their parentage. Marotte announces a visitor.

A Marquis Visits Ladies (05:08)

A marquis enters noisily, borne by servants. They fight over his bad treatment and leave. Ladies enter and exchange flattery in stilted language. They have a ritual with chairs.

Mascarille Impresses the Ladies (09:14)

Mascarille adjusts his ruffles. They all discuss virtues of Paris and gracious living. Mascarille promises to arrange elite visitors to spread their reputation and write them poetry and song.

Mascarille Performs to Praise (07:13)

Mascarille performs for ecstatic ladies, explains his brilliance and sings for them. They all praise his song. He admits to natural perfection. They agree.

Mascarille Shows off his Clothes (05:52)

Mascarille invites them to the theater. He admits that he writes, too. He shows off his flashy clothes. They admire every feather and ruffle. They agree on importance of luxury and fashion.

Jodelet and Mascarillle Swap Stories (05:56)

Jodelet arrives, causing great emotion. Mascarille praises old friend. They swap war stories. The ladies love it. They show wounds. Ladies decline to see more.

Impromptu Dance Party (05:57)

The group decides to dance, sends for the music and neighbors. Fiddlers and friends arrive. The men dance together. Mascarille shouts insults at the fiddlers. All dance. Mascarille yells again.

Imposters Exposed (05:06)

LaGrange and Du Croisy break up the party, beat their servants. They expose their lackeys as imposters and strip them in front of the ladies. Gorgibus arrives in fury and yells insults.

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Les Precieuses Ridicules (in French)

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Gorgibus, a provincial bourgeois, moves to Paris in the hopes of marrying his daughter and niece to a pair of young men of good families. Unfortunately, Magdelon and Cathos, enamored of the affectations of Parisian society, reject their suitors for lacking the flamboyant manners they so adore. In retaliation, the suitors pass off their valets as highly fashionable noblemen, who succeed in infatuating the snobbish young ladies—and when the subterfuge is revealed, their mortification is complete. This play was Molière’s first comedy of manners. Directed by Georges Bensoussan.

Length: 63 minutes

Item#: BVL10758

ISBN: 978-1-4213-6840-5

Copyright date: ©1997

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