Segments in this Video

Childhood Imprints (03:45)


Early childhood experiences in Yorkshire directly influence Barbara Hepworth's special feeling for the standing form and the human relationship to the landscape.

Barbara Hepworth: Toward a Generalization of Form (04:21)

Pictures of Egyptian sculpture inspire Barbara's artistic imagination as a school girl. Motherhood strengthens her growth as an artist and she seeks to balance her passion for both her work and family.

Collective Form (03:43)

During the early 1930s Hepworth's work reaches a maturity of expression. She describes her contemplation of nature, her approach to composing forms of stone and wood, and her quest for an abstract vision of beauty.

Hepworth's Sculpture Evolves (03:07)

After the birth of triplets and as World War II approaches, Hepworth's sculpture explores more formal elements of space. She enjoys the robust artistic atmosphere of London and is keenly aware of the tactile pleasure and rhythm of carving.

Hepworth: War Years (03:45)

Some of the artist's best sculpture is produced in the mid 1940s even though she works in cramped quarters. At a friend's urging, Hepworth secures a larger studio with ample outdoor space.

Primitive Influence on Hepworth's Work (04:21)

Great stones in the St. Ives countryside renew Hepworth's intrigue with the human figure and sculpture in a landscape. She uses color, string, and bronze to express her response to the sea.

Hepworth's Art as Social Statement (04:21)

Hepworth prefers showing sculpture outside so it can breathe and interact with the light. She does not subscribe to expected feminine restraints and discusses the interactive roles of the artist and society.

Musings of Artist Barbara Hepworth (14:23)

Barbara reflects on the intellectual and sensual nature of sculpture along with the interplay of material and idea. Venice and Greece infuse her with enthusiasm of expression as she takes in the environment.

Hepworth's Art as Response to Experience (05:36)

Barbara feels freer in her later years but her love of humanity, nature, and sculpture remains a focus. Now her large scale works seem to rise up from the ground in an affirmative statement of life.

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Praised by The New York Times at the time of her death as one of the world’s foremost sculptors, Barbara Hepworth left a legacy of creations that continues to inspire new generations of artists. This program reveals the beauty and the power of her sculptures through footage of her naturalistic carvings of the 1920s, her increasingly abstract sculptures of the ’30s, her ambitious postwar works, her monumental public commissions, and the striking creations of her final years. The program also uses Dame Barbara’s own words, drawn from writings, correspondence, and archival interviews, to express the ideas that motivated her. (49 minutes)

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