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Skilled Trade: HVAC Mechanic (05:03)


HVAC mechanics work with every active form of temperature control in a modern building. HVAC mechanics work in the largest portions of the construction industry. Apprentices get practical experience for their futures.

HVAC & R: Job and Income Opportunities (02:48)

In addition to new construction, older buildings are in constant need of retrofitting and renovation. People in the HVAC trade make good income with opportunities for overtime and job advancements. An apprentice makes good money.

HVAC: Unionized Trade Program (03:42)

For the HVAC mechanic, every building offers a unique set of challenges. Unions offer job security, pension plans, training, and many other benefits. Apprentices work their way to journeymen positions to earn good incomes for active lifestyles.

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Once your students have taken the tour and seen what the skilled construction trades have to offer, they will want to know more about specific jobs that may interest them. This fast-paced program provides a concise profile of HVAC occupations, looking at educational background, apprenticeships, salary, and the work itself. (13 minutes)

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