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Samuel Ting's Search for Antimatter (03:38)


Ting, Nobel Laureate in Physics, directs a project that will launch a seven-ton detector magnet to orbit the earth with the International Space Station. The experiment is a search for antimatter originating from outside our galaxy.

Value of Scientific Discoveries (02:21)

Ting likens his search for antimatter to the search for the x-ray a century ago. He discusses timelines from scientific discovery to practical application. Over time, scientific discoveries are modified and refined.

Samuel Ting's Early Years (02:40)

Ting was born in the U.S., but his parents moved back to China shortly after his birth. Ting's parents, both professors, taught him about the world's great scientists and scientific discoveries. At age twenty Ting returned to the U.S.

Samuel Ting's Philosophy of Science (03:41)

Ting's discovery of the J particle (J/psi) earned him the Nobel Prize. Ting pursues the unknown because he believes that not all things have been discovered.

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A Personal Journey with Samuel Ting, Nobel Laureate Physicist

Part of the Series : Becoming American: The Chinese Experience
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Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and raised in China and Taiwan, Samuel Ting received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1976 and is now leading a multinational experiment with NASA to search for antimatter, the opposite of our known universe. In this program, Bill Moyers speaks with Dr. Ting about his childhood years in war-torn China, his current project, and his philosophy of science. (15 minutes)

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