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Shirley Young's Early Years (04:11)


Young, who later developed focus group research, describes her early years in the Philippines and her journey to America. Her experiences instill in her the adaptability and ingenuity she will need for her career as a marketing expert.

Shirley Young Pioneers Focus Group Research (03:43)

Young's career begins in marketing research, a concept new to her. This research leads to attitudinal studies and focus group research that clarifies what buyers want and will buy. Young re-frames Ford's marketing of the Ford Focus car.

Shirley Young at General Motors (04:07)

Young's long-held desire to do something positive for the world bears fruit. She understands that vehicle production and environmental factors are intertwined. GM introduces environmentally friendly concepts to Chinese auto producers.

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A Personal Journey with Shirley Young, Market Research Pioneer

Part of the Series : Becoming American: The Chinese Experience
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In this program, Bill Moyers talks with Shirley Young, an inspiring woman who survived the Japanese occupation of the Philippines to become a pioneer of market research with Grey Advertising. Later, as a vice president of General Motors, she helped launch GM’s operation in China, the country of her birth. (15 minutes)

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