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Dr. David Ho: Combination Therapy for HIV (03:15)


Ho discovered that HIV--the virus that causes AIDS--reproduced "ferociously" in the early stages of infection. He and his team champion the use of combination antiretroviral therapy, a three-drug "cocktail" that slows mutation of the virus.

Worldwide HIV Epidemic (01:45)

Over sixty million people worldwide are infected with HIV. Dr. David Ho believes that a generation of Africans may be lost to HIV/AIDS. Ho continues to work on a vaccine to prevent the spread of HIV.

Dr. David Ho: Early Inspiration and Family Life (06:11)

Ho fights the HIV epidemic in collaboration with the Chinese government. At a young age, Ho was inspired to study science.

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A Personal Journey with Dr. David Ho, AIDS Researcher

Part of the Series : Becoming American: The Chinese Experience
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Since arriving in America from Taiwan at the age of 12, Dr. David Ho has become a world-renowned scientist. His research in the fight against HIV/AIDS earned him honors as Time magazine’s Man of the Year. In this program, Bill Moyers talks with Dr. Ho about his experience as an immigrant and U.S. citizen, and his contributions to the battle against AIDS. (15 minutes)

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